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Video Game Music #epic video game scores 1 1 day ago Join
Snazzy Clarinets We are the Snazzy Clarinets 1 1 day ago Request membership
Artist who's passion to compose outweighs their ability This is for anyone with the perfect tune in their head, but who find it hard to get it onto paper, for whatever reason that may be! 3 3 days ago Join
Alberti Bass Original compositions made using the alberti bass technique. 1 3 days ago Request membership
Great Scores A group to chat with others about your pieces and get helpful feedback. We are here to make the most of your music. 1 5 days ago Request membership
Hawaiian Choral Music Hawaiian music arrangements both accompanied and a capella. 1 6 days ago Join
Classical Music Society A society dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of classical music. 1 1 week ago Join
Virtual String Orchestra Virtual String Orchestra to play compositions and arrangements 4 1 week ago Join
Hello This is test Group Hello This is test Group description 1 1 week ago Request membership
Harpsichord You can add harpsichord sheet music to this group 2 2 weeks ago Join
Viola da Gamba If you have Viola da Gamba sheet music add it to this group 1 2 weeks ago Join
Victims of Copyright Complaints If you have suffered from copyright complaint(s), let us gather together and talk. 5 3 weeks ago Join
. .. 3 3 weeks ago Join
New Rock music For people who compose some new, original rock scores with one of instrument being drums (5 lines) 1 3 weeks ago Join
Bleach A group for sharing transcriptions and arrangements of music featured in the anime Bleach. 3 4 weeks ago Join
Active Contest See mission statement. 6 4 weeks ago Join
The Group That Lets Thing Go Flute/Piano/Upright Base? 2 4 weeks ago Request membership
Rush A group who loves Canadian Rock band Rush. 4 4 weeks ago Join
ReaperMonkeys Music This is Music for a game I am creating feel free to listen to it and tell me what you think 3 4 weeks ago Join
Video Game Music For all game music. 2 5 weeks ago Join
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