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Offers/Help In this group you can post offers, if you need for example an arrangement of something etc. and you need some help with it. 1 2 days ago Join
Derome A place to find all Derome Music! 2 2 days ago Request membership
CTM Cantares de Travanca do Mondego 1 2 days ago Invite only
Zelda's band Zelda Music!! 1 3 days ago Request membership
Carmina Polyphonicae Polyphonic Competitions: Polyphonic, Counterpoint, and Fugue! 2 5 days ago Join
young band students/composers kids in middle school and high school writing pieces for fun and/ or for their friends 4 5 days ago Join
Scandinavian Composers Group Only join if you are Scandinavian :) 4 5 days ago Join
Azura Music Free music every type(Still in Alpha) 1 1 week ago Join
Isolus Songwriting Group. 1 1 week ago Join
chang.petercet 天籟更新祈禱團體創作 1 1 week ago Invite only
nice songs songs you will love 1 1 week ago Request membership
JOIN THIS GROUP!!!!!!! Let's get more than 600 members! 10 1 week ago Join
The Awesomest Group Ever Only for the awesomest people. 4 1 week ago Join
Farney Productions Scores for music in work 1 2 weeks ago Request membership
Anglican Hymnody This is a group dedicated to the promotion of high church anglican hymnody 1 2 weeks ago Invite only
The Merry scores 2 3 weeks ago Join
The Music Travelers This group is for finding genres from all over the world and then making music keeping those styles in mind. 8 3 weeks ago Join
The Disgusting Group Be Disgusting! =P 6 3 weeks ago Join
Music Jam Let's compose together 2 3 weeks ago Join
Generation Z A group for young composers seeking help and direction. 6 3 weeks ago Join
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