Name Description Members Created Join link
Compositeurs français Groupe pour les compositeurs français 2 23 hours ago Join
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Group for heavy metal/hard rock composers 1 1 day ago Join
The best well-crafted music scores. Scores to show the advanced editing tools in MuseScore 1 1 day ago Request membership
Tango for piano Music with rhythm, harmonies, ethos, emotions inspired by Tango music. 1 1 day ago Join
Typical Group :P Just a normal group, more like my first one :P 2 2 days ago Join
New Competition - Write a Symphony in a Month!!! A group for everyone involved in the 'Write a Symphony in a Month!!!' 1 3 days ago Request membership
Percussionistas Any piece of music can be here if it featured percussion 2 4 days ago Join
Trebellious High School A Cappella Group. Co-Ed (Men and Women). 1 4 days ago Request membership
Twisty Contests Similar to the group "Music Battle!" but with an extra twist. 7 5 days ago Join
Super Smash Brothers Group Everything about Smash Bros! 6 5 days ago Join
Ranger's Apprentice A group for anyone who likes Ranger's Apprentice or Brotherband Chronicles. 5 5 days ago Join
RWBY Transcriptions for music from the amazing soundtrack of RWBY (all composed by Jeff Williams), an original anime-style show by Roosterteeth. 5 6 days ago Join
The Black Dynamite This is a group containing the scores by all of the Black Dynamite's 5 6 days ago Join
WilsonMusic music i choose to compose 1 6 days ago Join
William Babell William Babell group!!! 1 6 days ago Join
Samoan Independence Seventh-Day Adventist Church SISDAC: Church Melodies & Songs 1 1 week ago Request membership
MBoys Et forum for små drenge der laver stor musik 1 1 week ago Join
Alcoholic Composers This is a group for anyone who uses alcohol and feel that it enhances their creativity. 1 1 week ago Join
Writer's Bloc A group for anyone who writes. Words, that is, not music. 14 1 week ago Join
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