Name Description Members Created Join link
RPG Game Composers Where we shall discuss composition for themes of the game 7 8 hours ago Invite only
My Favorites My favorite pieces that I've managed to stumble along 1 21 hours ago Join
first sound auteur compositeur 1 1 day ago Join
Origami maker yay 1 1 day ago Join
Mattawan Musicians Musicians, arrangers, and composers from Mattawan, Michigan. 1 4 days ago Request membership
Finnish Group A group for Finnish composers or for people interested in Finland and Finnish language 5 4 days ago Join
Last Gen Gamers Any game up till our year is fair game, dont steal unless permission or open! 1 4 days ago Join
Curso de Flauta Barroca Soprano Músicas para praticar flauta barroca 1 6 days ago Join
Compositions for Piano A group for All Compositions for Piano 4 1 week ago Join
Easy for the Beginning We make easy songs (for beginners etc.) for a lot of different instruments! 3 1 week ago Join
Oneiros Collaboration a small group to help collaboration between artists. 2 1 week ago Request membership
The Awesome Group Join for information about songs im making. 2 1 week ago Join
Children's Music Music for children to play or listen to 11 1 week ago Join
The Composer is Dead? This is a group for whoever else is freaked out by Lemony Snicket's book "The Composer is Dead." We will prove that composers are not! 6 1 week ago Join
Gift of Love Vocal Parts 4 part girls harmony 2 1 week ago Join
The FairyHorizon Alchemists of Music We welcome anyone, even if you haven't had a membership for long, or if you haven't written any songs yet! 3 1 week ago Join
@Jesus No worries anymore, follow Jesus 2 1 week ago Request membership
Fairy Tail Music Guild Any music from the anime Fairy Tail live here! 3 1 week ago Join
Kenney Productions Prodigy in the making 1 1 week ago Invite only
BVAC Gruppe für Diskussionen MuseScore Anwendungen und über die enthaltenen Partituren 1 1 week ago Join
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