Name Description Members Created Join link
Orchestra Collaborations Any size, any instrumentation, we do collaborative recordings of different pieces, written by members! 10 14 weeks ago Join
KeddMasters This is the KeddMaster database 8 14 weeks ago Request membership
Divertimento Collaborations Join to create one (this is to inform me on the number of participants) 4 15 weeks ago Join
Female Composers/Arrangers I havent seen to many girls on here, so I want to see how many of us there are. 5 15 weeks ago Join
Music as a career Open to everbody that wants to become a musician. You can only come if you follow me aswell. 1 15 weeks ago Request membership
The Batman Arrangers This is a group where we arrange and post various arrangements or transcriptions of Batman music. 3 15 weeks ago Join
QuarterTreble A Cover Group Made up of 4 band students From Kenwood High School. 1 15 weeks ago Request membership
Norma fontain Norma fontain The realization of a short film requires upstream work and careful preparation 1 15 weeks ago Request membership
GameBoy Advanced GameBoy Advanced music please 2 16 weeks ago Join
Metropolitana Grupo para alunos da Metropolitana de Lisboa 1 16 weeks ago Request membership
The Marchers A group made for people who are fans of marches and those who make them!!!!!! 3 16 weeks ago Join
spanish group a spanish group 1 16 weeks ago Join
Musescore Competition Just a small competition for anybody to join. :) 3 16 weeks ago Join
Lioak Lioak briefing 1 16 weeks ago Join
Impressionism post your original impressionistic works 3 16 weeks ago Join
BrokenHearted My freaking awesome band. 1 16 weeks ago Request membership
Dragonforce Covers Everyone probably knows that one infamous song on guitar hero, Through the Fire And Flames. Well, this is a group for that and other songs from Drago 1 16 weeks ago Join
Classical Music We upload classical music for fun. 3 16 weeks ago Join
Film Scores A group for creating movie/film scores. 6 17 weeks ago Join
Songs for More Than One Istrument This group is for people who know (or can write) for more than just one instrument. 1 17 weeks ago Join
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