Name Description Members Created Join link
The Hero of Time A group dedicated to collecting music from Nintendo's "The Legend of Zelda" series. 15 8 weeks ago Join
A LO MODERNO It's a fantastic group. 6 8 weeks ago Join
Wabi-Sabi Composers Group For lovers of musical and poetic miniatures, sketches and impressions, as an expression of the ephemeral and incomplete. 12 8 weeks ago Join
Piano Quintet A Group for my Piano Quintet Pieces 2 9 weeks ago Request membership
Chorale Composers Submit your chorales! 7 9 weeks ago Join
KiRiCaAn For people who are willing to make reccommended and top chart songs and post it virally. 1 9 weeks ago Request membership
The Tardis welcome to the TARDIS. let me give u a headstart on everything (if u join late) i will tell u whats going on about the group 5 9 weeks ago Join
Shevin Stuff 1 9 weeks ago Join
32 measures All of your scores have to be 32 measures long, and have 1 instrument. Then you can post them. I want to see who can make the best 32-measure score! 5 9 weeks ago Join
Young Violinsts & Composers A group for young composers (mainly violin) and young violinsts 6 9 weeks ago Join
Teens with potential Any kids and teens are welcome to share their love and passion for music 19 9 weeks ago Join
von der Atlantis Familie Musik aus unser collection 1 9 weeks ago Join
Movie theme arrangements If you arrange any movie themes, post them here! 8 9 weeks ago Join
Cosmos People who are interested in studying the cosmos and love to write music about our Universe 6 9 weeks ago Join
AuKi-Kant Erweiterung 1 9 weeks ago Join
doomsday sad 3 10 weeks ago Join
AuKi-GO Gemeindeorchester Auferstehungskirche 5 10 weeks ago Join
Golden Nintendo League For anyone who is a fan of Nintendo music, feel free to join. 16 10 weeks ago Join
Flute Ninjas This goes out to all you flute players! 5 10 weeks ago Join
Vocaloid: Violin A group that features solo violin music for Vocaloid music. 2 10 weeks ago Join
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