Name Description Members Created Join link
PiuteBand Piute middle school band 7 13 weeks ago Join
Directioners!!! If you love one direction join this group!!! 1 13 weeks ago Join
Jazz Set Music Vocal/Eb/Bb/C(bass)/C(treble) sheets for jazz combos. 1 13 weeks ago Request membership
qwe qwe 1 13 weeks ago Join
Low Brass Players this is a group for anyone who plays a low brass instrument whether it be a guy or a low brass chick 1 13 weeks ago Request membership
All songs One Piece A group for any One Piece songs 2 13 weeks ago Join
Pentatonix A group for arrangements of PTX songs and Pentaholics. :D 3 14 weeks ago Join
Legend Of Zelda: OOT The group with everything Legend Of Zelda, foucsing on Ocarina Of Time 6 14 weeks ago Join
Despicable Me: The Music This group is where we post Despicable Me music (songs or scores). It can be piano, full orchestra, or even just minion voices! 2 14 weeks ago Join
3+3+2/8 Time Fan Club For anyone who loves (3+3+2)/8 time and its epicness 4 14 weeks ago Join
Low Brass is Awesome For any awesome low brass player 1 14 weeks ago Join
The Star Wars Battles This group is where we post a whole bunch of arrangements and transcriptions of all of the Star Wars battles. 8 14 weeks ago Join
Miranda Sings A group for al of my mirfandas 1 14 weeks ago Join
Listening to Classical A group where people can discuss pieces of music they enjoy from a non-composing standpoint and recommend a composer or recording. 1 14 weeks ago Join
Teenage Composers Just want to see how many teenagers like to compose. 5 14 weeks ago Join
Sacred Choral Music Christian A capella choral music for God's glory 1 15 weeks ago Request membership
Film and TV Musescore Gems A place to share, and enjoy and discuss your favourite renditions of popular Film and TV themes 7 15 weeks ago Join
Be The Best Vocalist Solo Vocalists looking for ordinary to rare music, especially Barbra Streisand, Carly Simon, Sheryl Crow, Judy Collins, Dion Warkwick & others/ 1 15 weeks ago Join
Notre Dame Music For students attending Notre Dame Highschool, Calgary AB 1 16 weeks ago Join
MuseScore Hymn Tune Library A library of public domain hymn tunes formatted for reading on an iPad or PC tablet 8 17 weeks ago Request membership
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