Name Description Members Created Join link
Norma fontain Norma fontain The realization of a short film requires upstream work and careful preparation 1 14 weeks ago Request membership
GameBoy Advanced GameBoy Advanced music please 2 15 weeks ago Join
Metropolitana Grupo para alunos da Metropolitana de Lisboa 1 15 weeks ago Request membership
The Marchers A group made for people who are fans of marches and those who make them!!!!!! 3 15 weeks ago Join
spanish group a spanish group 1 15 weeks ago Join
Musescore Competition Just a small competition for anybody to join. :) 3 15 weeks ago Join
Lioak Lioak briefing 1 15 weeks ago Join
Impressionism post your original impressionistic works 3 15 weeks ago Join
BrokenHearted My freaking awesome band. 1 15 weeks ago Request membership
Dragonforce Covers Everyone probably knows that one infamous song on guitar hero, Through the Fire And Flames. Well, this is a group for that and other songs from Drago 1 15 weeks ago Join
Classical Music We upload classical music for fun. 3 15 weeks ago Join
Film Scores A group for creating movie/film scores. 6 16 weeks ago Join
Songs for More Than One Istrument This group is for people who know (or can write) for more than just one instrument. 1 16 weeks ago Join
Juvenil Brass Quinteto de brass ecuatoriano 2 16 weeks ago Join
Jace Armstrong's Pieces A group for all of Jace Armstrong's pieces. 2 16 weeks ago Request membership
Choir Nerds Choral Music 2 16 weeks ago Join
Virtual Orchestra Group This is a group where we will hold auditions, vote on compositions to perform and, collectively, create beautiful music 79 16 weeks ago Join
Drumline A group for drumline cadences and anything drumline. 2 17 weeks ago Join
Commercium songs / Studentenlieder Traditional academic songs that are sung during academic feasts 2 17 weeks ago Join
Minions of Minor Keys Small, private group for select sassy individuals ~ 1 17 weeks ago Request membership
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