Name Description Members Created Join link
original song group You have to make up songs to post them in this group 3 17 weeks ago Request membership
Information Group A group supporting song details and comments. 1 17 weeks ago Request membership
Exotic Instruments Group This is a group for people that use exotic instruments, or instruments that aren't commonly used. 9 17 weeks ago Join
The Two Gamers The place for your video game songs 4 17 weeks ago Join
Wizard Rock A group for anyone interested in wrock (wizard rock). 1 17 weeks ago Join
DPMS Music Just music 2 17 weeks ago Request membership
Central High School Band/Marching Band Just a place for members of the Central Band to hang out and find music 1 17 weeks ago Request membership
SAS (St Andrews Singers) Yetminster Church Choir 1 17 weeks ago Request membership
Chorando na Ponte Grupo de Choro 1 17 weeks ago Invite only
Daily (hopefully) Contests Contests hopefully everyday 12 17 weeks ago Join
Frozen Arrangers Anybody who likes to arrange music from the best selling animated film of all time, Frozen 6 18 weeks ago Join
Drum Majors!! Any person who is, was or wants to become a drum major 1 18 weeks ago Join
Offers/Help In this group you can post offers, if you need for example an arrangement of something etc. and you need some help with it. 4 18 weeks ago Join
Derome A place to find all Derome Music! 2 18 weeks ago Request membership
CTM Cantares de Travanca do Mondego 1 18 weeks ago Invite only
Zelda's band Zelda Music!! 1 18 weeks ago Request membership
Carmina Polyphonicae Polyphonic Competitions: Polyphonic, Counterpoint, and Fugue! 3 18 weeks ago Join
Collabration piece group This built so we can make a collabration piece where each person only puts in five measure 7 19 weeks ago Join
Scandinavian Composers Group Only join if you are Scandinavian :) 6 19 weeks ago Join
Azura Music Free music every type(Still in Alpha) 1 19 weeks ago Join
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