Name Description Members Created Join link
Hello This is test Group Hello This is test Group description 1 12 weeks ago Request membership
Harpsichord You can add harpsichord sheet music to this group 4 12 weeks ago Join
Viola da Gamba If you have Viola da Gamba sheet music add it to this group 1 12 weeks ago Join
Victims of Copyright Complaints If you have suffered from copyright complaint(s), let us gather together and talk. 7 13 weeks ago Join
. .. 3 13 weeks ago Join
New Rock music For people who compose some new, original rock scores with one of instrument being drums (5 lines) 2 14 weeks ago Join
Bleach A group for sharing transcriptions and arrangements of music featured in the anime Bleach. 4 14 weeks ago Join
Active Contest See mission statement. 7 14 weeks ago Join
The Group That Lets Thing Go Flute/Piano/Upright Base? 2 14 weeks ago Request membership
Rush A group who loves Canadian Rock band Rush. 5 14 weeks ago Join
ReaperMonkeys Music This is Music for a game I am creating feel free to listen to it and tell me what you think 3 15 weeks ago Join
Video Game Music For all game music. 4 15 weeks ago Join
Med eget nebb VOFO akershus og Akershus sangerforum 1 15 weeks ago Join
Orchestra Collaborations Any size, any instrumentation, we do collaborative recordings of different pieces, written by members! 10 15 weeks ago Join
KeddMasters This is the KeddMaster database 8 16 weeks ago Request membership
Divertimento Collaborations Join to create one (this is to inform me on the number of participants) 4 16 weeks ago Join
Female Composers/Arrangers I havent seen to many girls on here, so I want to see how many of us there are. 6 16 weeks ago Join
Music as a career Open to everbody that wants to become a musician. You can only come if you follow me aswell. 1 17 weeks ago Request membership
The Batman Arrangers This is a group where we arrange and post various arrangements or transcriptions of Batman music. 3 17 weeks ago Join
QuarterTreble A Cover Group Made up of 4 band students From Kenwood High School. 1 17 weeks ago Request membership
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