Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 16 - Allegro

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The Piano Sonata No. 16 in C major, K. 545, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was described by Mozart himself in his own thematic catalogue as "for beginners," and it is sometimes known by the nickname Sonata facile or Sonata semplice.
The first movement is written in sonata form and is in the key of C major. The familiar opening theme is accompanied by an Alberti bass, played in the left hand.
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60HANNIBAL's picture

Greetings...!. I would like to know at "What Time or Speed I need to play the Sonata 16 K-545
because I have a sheet music where I read Allegro ( Black Note= 132 ).

Because, when I want to use the Metronomo, I don't understand if in "ALLEGRO" I put from 120 to 168. Too, when I see the website YOUTUBE.COM and I like to watch the differentes Pianistas and Students...I can't to follow the Metronomo. When I read the Sheet Music, I read

"DIFFERENTES BEATS..., but I don't understand the word "Facile o Easy...

This is my E-mail.

My name is "Aníbal or Hannibal"

FrodoPiano's picture

I am learning to play this song, and noticed that this should be C and D, not B and D.

lore108's picture

magnific!!!!!!! fantastico! ascolta anche la mia sinfonia....

Jeff The Killer's picture

bravo... this is a brilliant piece of mozart....

composer's picture

Very good piece!

Power's picture

Just because it's fast doesn't mean it's hard.
My brother's learning this piece easily.

mysterioso's picture

Come on, this isn't that hard. Anyway, it is a little slower, and I would suggest adding dynamics.

Xun2000's picture

I have my own copy of this and it's not supposed to be as fast as this (quarter note = 132). Plus there are no dynamics or articulation in your version.

Power's picture

Is it supossed to be so fast.
i don't like it fast like that.

Second_Rachmaninov's picture

just because somethings fast doesn't mean it hard. I know plenty of slow pieces harder than this

Ksardas's picture

Я как раз играю всю эту сонату, но что это? Ноты как из автомата.

Sepehr Keyhani's picture

Что вы подразумеваете?

musikmann's picture

This is "for beginners"!?!?!?!

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