NCIS Theme Song

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The theme song from NCIS. Took me a long time to make.

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NinjaSaxophone2002's picture

A-maz-ing OMG sounds so real I love NCIS

MusicGirl777's picture

Haha!!! It's perfect!!!
Thanks so much!!!

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Uploaded Nov 13, 2011
Pages 30
Duration 1:03
Measures 35
Key signature natural
Parts 14
Part names
  • Acoustic Grand Piano (2)
  • Reverse Cymbal
  • Electric Guitar (jazz)
  • Overdriven Guitar
  • Electric Guitar (clean)
  • Guitar harmonics
  • Electric Bass (finger)
  • Lead 2 (sawtooth)
  • Pad 8 (sweep)
  • String Ensemble 1 (2)
  • Pad 2 (warm)
  • Gunshot
License All rights reserved
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