Concerning Hobbits

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My arrangement of Concerning Hobbits, by Howard Shore.

Genre: Film
Format: Score

Comments (20)

Zogin's picture

I love it!

iCompose's picture

How'd you get trills to work?

lucky13's picture

You have to actually write out the trill in a second voice on the same staff, then set those notes as invisible, and change the velocity of the displayed notes to 0.

daniel.hershcovich's picture

Do you have the flute one octave lower? I'm trying to play this on the recorder and it's not working like this...

Lordrotu's picture

Flute plays much higher than recorder. A recorder would play this one octave below this, and it would sound the same.

mrredhat's picture

This is really well done, except in bars 5, 20 and 61 the B in the flute part should be an A. That's the only thing I've noticed, so really good arrangement!

The Grim Ninja's picture

Yours is good, but I think the piano version sounds a lot better. Just my opinion! (please don't take it seriously!)

CORNCOBMAN's picture

Nice arrangement! I notice that a few of the notes are a little bit off.... mostly in the beginning.
Otherwise I really like this arrangement ♪

whee's picture

Favorite composer on musescore. :)

Mking2u's picture

well done!

ToBeFree's picture

Nice! :)

someone5000's picture

amazing! it blew my mind! *clicks the follow button*

Chus's picture

Great! Nothing better to wait the release of The Hobbit than learn to play this!

mikk's picture

beautiful! i have been looking for the compostor of this song for a long time! il love love it

cjbrandt's picture

Excellent! I love this song.

Nicola Black's picture

I love love love this song!! It's one of my favorites in the Lord of the Rings collection! I have one written for flutists, but I love this with the strings!!

lucky13's picture

Thanks! I originally had the violin part as a flute, but I changed for my string orchestra a school. The flute part basically just has everything an octave higher.

DasPiano's picture

well... kinda alright... but it shud say in the score that you are the 'arranger'...

OlliG's picture

This is Great! I feel like it could be a little faster though. I can't wait for the Hobbit this year!

lucky13's picture

same! :)

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Uploaded Mar 27, 2012
Pages 3
Duration 2:12
Measures 67
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 4
Part names
  • Flute
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Cello
License All rights reserved
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