Morning has broken

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Arranged for church band, with keyboard intro based on Rick Wakeman's arrangement for Cat Stevens version. We add guitars and drums and other instruments as and when needed.

Genre: Christian
Format: Score

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baskey50's picture

Yes this is based Cat Steven's version with Rick Wakeman playing the piano intro and breaks. As far as I know, Rick never wrote the music down, so this is a simple interpretation of what he played, though not up to his original standard. Sounds pretty good when we play it in church though.

johngbart's picture

A beautiful old hymn arranged very elegantly. Have you heard the version sung by Cat Stevens, Did he steal some of it from you?

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Uploaded Feb 28, 2011
Pages 2
Duration 1:46
Measures 40
Key signature natural
Parts 4
Part names
  • Choir Aahs
  • Acoustic Grand Piano
  • Electric Bass (pick)
  • Cello
License All rights reserved
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