The Lion Sleeps Tonight SATB A'Cappella

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I updated this today (25 October, 2013) , finally as I had forgotten to put the second verse in.

I arranged this to be easier for younger people with limited vocal ranges to be able to sing.

Genre: Pop
Format: Assignment

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IHOT's picture

I love this music so much!
I really like the african culture :D
Have you already listened to a version of this music sunged by a woman called Yma Sumac? It's really cool!

RAJ Thum's picture

nice, joyful arr.! RAJ

Lucy Diamond's picture

thank you :)

Lucy Diamond's picture

ah yes, we are lucky enough to have a counter-tenor in our choir :D

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Uploaded Feb 5, 2013
Pages 8
Duration 2:50
Measures 65
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 4
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  • Choir Aahs (4)
License All rights reserved
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