Second Suite for Military Band in F

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Flight of the Dargason! Hey, this is randomuniq right here, I created another account (thanks to MasterSaxophone) because I didn't wanna feel like a monster anymore and have to delete my songs to add new transcriptions!
Here is the uberly fun-filled, 4th movt. of Holst's Second Suite for Military Band in F. It is uberly fun if you're not me and can actually play the rhythm right! I tried it on flute, my fingers just want to make this song in 2/4 instead of 6/8. Blech. I also toyed around with Musescore's capabilities in looks. So hopefully, the invisible stuff stays invisible and the trills sound like it's trilling even if it doesn't do playback. WE SHALL SEE dun dun dunn. I'm hyper right now, there's no stopping me and I'll transcribing stuff left and right lol. :D

Genre: Classical
Format: Transcription

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The Keyboard Playing Penguin's picture

I just can't stop listening to this piece now! Good job.

neeyagirly's picture

A bit fast, but still awesome. :)

woodwind_ollie's picture

My band played this two years ago, for the spring concert. It's a really hard suite, but it's well worth the work!

Power's picture

I like you start with the saxaphone in the right speaker then have the come in left speaker.

iHasCheese's picture

I totally forgot Gustav Holst wrote this. . . I remember playing Mars. . . I HATED IT. The same measure repeated over and over and over and over again. IT WAS HORRIBLE AND IT MADE ME HATE GUSTAV HOLST FOREVER. Well, not really. Just for that one concert. Although his First Suite in E flat was pretty fun. Runny. :P

randomuniq's picture

Well I'm glad we only played one Gustav Holst song haha :) I just like his F suite, this song always stood out. The picc and tuba solo was always my favorite, but that 3 octave run xD

Power's picture

I don't know what this song is but you did it well.

randomuniq's picture

Thank you :) It's usually played by high school bands, mine did anyways. It just depends on the band director.

randomuniq.'s picture

Ugh, I've tried this song time and time again on flute, and it was all disastrous. FINGERS AND TONGUE! THE MUSIC IS IN 6/8 NOT 2/4!!

Fall3n's picture

You will get it eventually, i had trouble with 6/8 time too

Fall3n's picture

I heard this song , nice arangement.

randomuniq.'s picture

Thank you :)

randomuniq.'s picture


Fall3n's picture

how did you get the trills to work?

randomuniq's picture

I put in the trills with 32nd notes. And set everything invisible. I found a way to make everything invisible easier. When you make the 32nd notes, don't beam them. That way, when you wanna copy and paste the notes, everything STAYS invisible. Then use another voice to make the "trilled note" and add the ornament. If it's like the picc solo at the end with the trill, where the note is really vulnerable, right click on your trilled note and select properties, velocity type is user, and change the velocity to 0 (so the long note won't be heard). Display>Show Invisible and you should have a "working" trill. There are still spacing problems, so when I try the { command, it'll cause problems for other measures, soo you have a really big measure lol.

randomuniq's picture

It sounds a bit choppy though, which I can't stand. But I got used to it. The same principle goes for drum rolls, but you don't gotta change the trilled note's velocity for 0 since it won't keep going on :D

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Uploaded Jun 28, 2012
Pages 32
Duration 2:38
Measures 212
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 18
Part names
  • Piccolo
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Bassoon
  • Clarinet (3)
  • English Horn
  • French Horn (2)
  • Trombone (2)
  • Tuba
  • Percussion (5)
License All rights reserved
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