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Newer version with guitar parts added. Also extended.

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Jazzman180's picture

Love it! I may use this arrangement for a performance, but change soprano to tenor sax, and trombone to something else. Plus I may use piano instead of guitar. You have the chord progression?

TylerT18's picture

Should be swung

Kirbotron's picture

You can't make them swung when you upload it to the website. If you have it open in musescore software, then you can go to 'play panel' and swing the notes. The only way to make them sound swung on the website is to write them as triplets.

TylerT18's picture

Should be swung

TylerT18's picture


evilpie3's picture

You should put some progressions in during the solos, it just seems bland during it. Great job though, this song brings me back!

TylerT18's picture

Thanks. I'll work on it.

JazzTuba95's picture

the bone part in measure 15 seem off, and also the timing for the bone solo is off ... but other than that, pretty spot on!

TylerT18's picture

Yeah. This is sort of a rough draft, so not everything is perfect. Thanks for the comment.

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Uploaded Aug 8, 2012
Pages 8
Duration 1:59
Measures 111
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 4
Part names
  • Soprano Sax
  • Trombone
  • Acoustic Guitar (nylon)
  • Electric Bass (pick)
License All rights reserved
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