U.N. Owen Was Her (Piano)

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From Touhou and the game Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, it's Flandre's Theme, U.N. Owen Was Her?.

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albert.vu.69.huehuehuehuehuehuehue's picture

I came here just to say that Death Waltz and other songs of the like were stolen from Zun's "U.N. Owen was Her". Zun made the original song and since he likes to work solo, he wouldn't steal from others especially considering that this came out before "Death Waltz". Just to clear up any misconceptions.

cute's picture

Its a simplified Death Waltz! :D

aerophage's picture

John Stump's "Death Waltz" was a humorous piece of visual compositional art. With no real measure breaks, musical directions that include "With Pesto", "Like a dirigible", "Add bicycle", "Rests are imaginary", and "Continue swimming motion", it was never actually intended to be played.


Death_waltz's picture

Death waltz did come before u.n... but my question is did the copyright run out before u.n used the parts. If so we have some serious illegal matters here.

shieldkirby's picture

First came this, then a remix, and the Death Waltz is just a piano version of the remix. I did my research.

likeatimelord's picture

Actually, Death Waltz is completely unrelated to this piece.


I'm sick of explaining it to everyone, so here's a video I found. :)

Lyra's picture

Death Waltz came before U.N. Owen, and is a COMPLETELY different song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCgT94A7WgI (skip to 3:50) It's more humorous in written form, though.

But it's probably accurate to call U.N. Owen a "death waltz" if you put it in 3/4 time. XD

Electro_Fingers's picture

Oh, good to know. I prefer U.N. Owen Was Her? much more than death waltz. The sheet music loks impossible unless you had, oh I dunno, ten hands lying around! *heh*

shazamin's picture

Yes, I've heard of Death Waltz. I read somewhere that Death Waltz was the original song that came before Owen. Apparently Touhou used some parts from the song to create U.N. Owen Was Her?.

Electro_Fingers's picture

Actually, Stormy13093, that song that you said is U.N. Owen Was Her? is really what it says, "Death Waltz." I really don't know if the song is a spinoff of U.N. Owen Was Her? but I could see why you could think that that was this song. They do sound very similar.

Stormy13093's picture


You should watch this video... I know the title is wrong, but it is the content of the video that counts...

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Uploaded Jun 14, 2011
Pages 5
Duration 2:11
Measures 87
Key signature 5 flats
Parts 1
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  • Acoustic Grand Piano
License All rights reserved
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