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I don't own these pictures and this song is not related to the awesome game that these pictures came from.

Well my friends, this was indeed a journey writing this song. I took about 5 months of work, most of that spent smashing my face against the wall. There were complications along the way but I ended up writing something I'm proud of. I wrote the main theme about three months before I began working on the rest of it. I had written it and just set it aside, not thinking about it until much later. Then all of a sudden BAM AN 8 MINUTE SONG POPS OUT. XD I ended up using some melodies I had written a couple of years ago and forgotten here and there throughout the piece, and also a couple of hidden background themes from previous songs I have written.

This is the second song of the "Journey" trilogy. Here are the other two:

Inspiration: Before the Journey - https://musescore.com/aaron_david/inspiration-before-the-journey-wip
Reflection: Journey's End - https://musescore.com/aaron_david/reflection-journeys-end

Here's an arrangement of this song by Seth Kasten!: https://musescore.com/user/2786051/scores/875756

And another one by Iceland's Puffin!: https://musescore.com/user/1337816/scores/1904021

Please tell me what you think!
Also, any suggestions for future songs are appreciated! =D

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS5mu8Lc_PeVk8gbLAy6m_A
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/aaron-lanni
Instagram: @aaronlanni
Snapchat: @pentaholic47

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Pages 66
Duration 08:08
Measures 207
Key signature 6 flats
Parts 27
Part names English Horn, French Horn, Trumpet(2), Percussion(2), Strings(5), Cello(2)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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So quick question, why the heck are the key signatures for the E Horn, F Horn, and Trumpet the exact same as the other instruments?

Sounds really great by the way!
Thanks! The reason those are all the same as each other is because the score is written in concert pitch. It is infinitely easier for me to write it this way and I never bothered to switch it back to normal when I was done. :)
Why does this sound familiar...? Like I've heard it in a game or on TV or in an anime or something...
Hmmm. Not sure! The title picture is from a game, but the song is 100% original. :)
This a masterpiece! Pure inspiration. Probably one my favorites that I've seen on here.
I love your harmonies and instrumentation.
I liked the melody and the contrast. Good job!
Best song ever! In you next piece, you should add a sax part! :)
Thank you! Actually, my next song has four sax parts! =D
This is the best song I've heard on musescore as of right now. Outstanding job! :D ^-^
Thank you very much!! I'm glad you like it!! =D
Waititsadcasdn this is ahamazing and all there's no denying. Please tell me was that a cymbal roll and if so, how what why? Tell me about it. Good work ly bye
Thank you very much! Where is the cymbal roll you're talking about?
I don't think I have the words to express how amazing this piece was.
Man that's awesome. Even thought I'm more of a classical music guy, I really really liked that piece. Keep up the good work :D
I love your language, your feelings - everything expressed in this music!
THANKS for sharing! And - keep up the good work!
Greetings from Marianne.

The sound is amazing! And the amount of work you have put into this -
we can hear that! It is great - great music! Touching!
I am so impressed! Teach me composing like this!
Thank you very much for all those kind words!! That really means a lot to me! I'm very glad that you like it so much!
Are you studying, or composing full time? Anyway you sounds like a professional, and I believe you are able to live by your composing.
Take care - I will follow you and learn! Take care!
I am deeply impressed!
Thanks! I am not studying or anything, I just write music on the side when I have enough time. :D
In todays society - We make sure that all our youngsters - get a proper education.. But in your case - If you were my son - I would say - Go for it! I mean - the music! Continue what you are allready doing. Your skills are allready better than many educated.. :-)
The videoscore sound absolutely amazing! What soundfont did you use for it?
Thank you!! I used a program called Mixcraft for the videoscore. =D
Still as epicawesomefantastic-sounding as the first time I heard it. And yes, I had to comment again to tell you great job... again hahahaha Soooo beautiful :)
Would I be allowed to have my school's Orchestra play this piece? It sounds beautiful. And if so, would you mind if I re-uploaded it temporarily? It sounds better in musescore 2.0 and I want my director to be able to follow the music.
Absolutely! And no, I wouldn't mind if you re-uploaded it! =D
I can't think of any words that'll actually give this song the credit it deserves! It is very fitting for it to be named after such an epic video game, since it's such an epic song! Congratulations for being one of the best composers in MuseScore!