Jazzy Note Blocks

Uploaded on Jun 15, 2018

Aaron Grooves here, composer of "Jazzy Note Blocks" from "AVM Shorts Episode 5: Note Blocks," by Alan Becker: https://youtu.be/c9DrryMw248

This was possibly the most fun I've ever had on a composition project, and working with Alan Becker was a dream come true! After many requests (and after seeing a few admirable attempts), I've decided to notate this on Musescore to share with the world. Enjoy! :)

P.S. I'm super impressed with Musescore. I was able to reproduce the bends, swings, accents, and everything -- all within the program itself. Truly incredible! Keep up the great work, Musescore team!

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Pages 19
Duration 02:37
Measures 124
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 10
Part names Percussion(5), Bass, Guitar, Flute(2), Harp
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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hey AaronGrooves can u make a arrangement for brass pls
if you put the MIDI file of this score in the Minecraft Note Block Studio it sounds weird...
I have been able to master this song on bass and guitar. The Drumset seems waaaay too complex for one person. And Flute??? never in a million years. Aaron, I have to say, you are a genius.
Aaron, I plan on making a arrangement of this with a group of friends. Can I use your score and rework it for the instruments that we're using? Thanks
Hey, this is great music, and I also have a few questions, like, how did you get all the percussion to sound so perfectly, that is something I do not understand, and how did you get the flute to bend, that isn't something I have heard of before? Also tell me if you ever want to see what I am working on, I would be interested to hear your feedback, even though it isn't jazz. Honestly, this is a great piece of music I and I haven't heard anything like it.
You can find the bend at the bottom of the "Articulations and Ornaments" section of the Palettes
I listened it first at youtube and i really like it! Thanks for composing really nice song
Awesome! Absolutely perfect in every way, fits the video and Alan's motif perfectly! The flute solo is great, the xylophone right on the beat, and the drums hold it all up in a way I've never seen! Please, make more!
i've been listen this song for 20 times because i LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!
Welp... Sorry to say Aaron but... turn up the volume for bass ok? Tho thx for the amazing music! I was listening to it for at least 3 hours yesterday!
Hi PringleGamer, 3 hours!? That's awesome!! Can't thank you enough. Regarding bass, I like the level it's at. I took a great deal of time finding a balance that sounded good to me on headphones, computer speakers, and my studio monitors. I'd suggest listening on a nice system with good bass. OR...you could actually download this and change the mix yourself! That's probably the best solution. Take care, and thanks again!
oh thats nothing! My older bro can play like one day!
I have two questions
1. was their some type of inspiration that you got or did you make it all by mind

2.Was it hard for you to make this, if so, how long did it take and how many errors have you had?
Hi DumDum2,

1. I'm a jazz musician, so this style is already in my musical vocabulary. But I did get some inspiration from Alan, who told me he loved jazz and sent me a link to this: https://youtu.be/YKc0hhCdAo0

As you can hear, the idea of a walking bass line, and melody interspersed with short solos was taken from that track.

2. The hardest part was figuring out how to get the sounds out of minecraft. Aside from that, creating the flute sounds from the minecraft sample took a while, especially making it pitch bend. Figuring out an ending that I really liked and that Alan really liked also took a lot of work. I sent him lots of ideas and he gave lots of feedback, and we kept working on it until we were both happy.

Once the minecraft music was done, making the Musescore version was a different beast, because Musescore doesn't have the greatest options for controlling dynamics, articulation, and mixing. Once the notes were input, I spent several hours making small adjustments to note-lengths, volumes, accents, and eventually had a version that I felt was good enough.
wow this is truly inspirational I wanna be come a great musician like you, thank you for you time!
My pleasure. And thank you so much for your kindness! I'm still learning and getting better by the day. The journey never ends! :)
so have I! ITS AWESOME! Alan Becker used it
How does the pitch bend even work in the first place??? I don't seem to see a way to do it.
Look under "articulations and ornaments" for the "full" ornament. Once you put it on a note, you can right-click it and choose "Bend Properties" to make adjustments. With enough experimentation, you can do quite a bit, although it's limited to a whole step.

It doesn't always output the way it looks visually, so I had to create a hidden staff with the pitch bends that I want listeners to hear, and the pitch bends that you see in this flute part are completely muted. Hope that helps!
Also, is there any way you could make the pitch bend down instead of always going up?
I don't remember if you can bend down. But I do remember being frustrated by its limitations and having to find work-arounds. That tie idea is really interesting. Have you tried it yet?
No...but hope there's this feature in the future.
"limited to a whole step" you could use ties :D
that's amazing beacause i hear the full version but in alan becker is 1 second before this to finish
That's the combination of instruments that I used in the noteblock music. :)
The pitch bends are a bit wonky on the midi but on the other hand, wow! I never thought I would get to hear the full version of this song!
This is the beast! I love this song so much! I would love this piece transcribed onto just piano (if you try- im not forcing you :) )! Sounds nice, and I would want to play it sometime on the piano. Catchy and Groovy!
I remember thinking while watching to the video, wow that can never be made on musecore, lol
Hey Aaron. I saw your comment on my arrangement, and I wanted to say thanks for the tip! I'm sorry I forgot to include your name! I admire your work (especially this one piece), and I wanted to say it was an honor that you acknowledge my try. Keep up the good work, my man!

I also wanted to ask how you got the bends and stuff in your score? I can't seem to figure that out.
Dude, you are a beast. Seriously, this song is really great.
To be honest those notes aren't really that hard on guitar, and if your uncle doesn't know them, then he probably isn't a "pro" at guitar.
I love the guitar it's so nice to hear it
I honestly love this. It’s really amazing.