Perfect - Pentatonix - Full Arrangement with Lyrics

Uploaded on Apr 15, 2018


*Note: if you are listening to this in your phone, it might sound different. Make sure to listen to it in your computer for a better sound!
If you want to use it, ask me permission! And please give me credit. Thanks a lot!

YEY! Finally I finished entirely. This arrangement is so good! They did an awesome job with everything. Is literally PERFECT. Scott in the lead is so good, and beyonce's solo is so great. At first, I didn't enjoy this song, but now that I listened to it closely, now I love it.
This one is kinda difficult, because sometimes you can BEARLY hear Kirstin and Mitch, also Matt too, and the cello is doing crazy stuffs all the time. But is being kinda fun doing it.

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A little random, but here’s a medley of Pentatonix’s Christmas songs, if you want to watch it: https://musescore.com/abchords321/averypentatonixchristmasmedley

Thanks for watching! :D

(April 25, 2018) changed minor things. Thanks mateus.cunha.5


PTX Mitch Grassi Scott Hoying Kevin Olusola Kirstin Maldonado Kirstie Matt Sallee Ed Sheeran Beyonce Top Pop acapella a ccapella a cappella SATB accurate Cello sheet music piano group superfruit slow dance 2018 cover correct lyrics complete Ben Bram new

Pages 18
Duration 04:13
Measures 68
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 8
Part names Bass(6), Cello, Percussion
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Hi! Can we use this for a presentation on June 11, for our Parents Night? TIA
Great work man! Quick question though, me and some friends have been singing pentatonix arrangements and would like to do this one too, but we don't have Beyoncé :P What would you suggest we do? We also don't have an extra male voice to cover that, either.
Can someone play piano? Maybe that could work, or another instrument that could give the same feel as the cello. If not, I don’t know, maybe split the cello part into the voices or something... sorry I couldn’t help you completly!
I've listened to this only once but from what I hear I feel as though in every piece that I have listened to that you have done the bass is lost. Could you bring out the bass more and make it match the intensity of the rest of it?
Heyyy, your arrangement is sooo good, thanks for doing it :D In here: https://musescore.com/user/1163336/scores/5069643 i changed a little part of the first ''Dancing in the dark...'' so you can see if it's right, cause i think Matt follow Beyoncé and Kevin sings harmonizing with Mitch and Kirstin. Hope i could help <3
You know, that make sense! But, the only thing is that in the music video, Kevin have his mouth closed at that part, so I don’t know. But, that part does sound more full. Thanks!
Yeah, i noticed that too and i thought that i was wrong but it seems so much like kevin's voice on that part, and on the cello solo kevin's mouth is closed too, but you can hear beatbox, so maybe they did that on purpose idk
Yep, maybe he forgot to lip sync it. I thought that he was singing to, but that part just confused me. But who knows? Maybe is Matt. I changed it, if you want to hear it. Thanks again!
How do I print just the cello and tenor part? I play cello and want to play along but it's had to flip pages every second!
Download it, and when you are in musescore, go to "File" and then go to "Parts". There, you can put any combination of parts (Like cello and tenor or bass with tenor and Alto, etc.), and print it! Also, (if you didn't know) you can make the score autoplay.
I love that in parenthesis, you put the name of Kevin's cello. So cute! Amazing arrangement. You're very quick with these.
Well, if she have a name, I have to put it in the score! Thanks! If you want, you can check my other arrangements I’ve made of these album. :D
Am I the only person that thinks that doing a mashup of this and Say Something would be a really good idea?
While making this, i noticed that some parts sounds like that “anywhere I would’ve follow you” part of Say Something. I mean, like “Sorry Not Sorry” have a “Ref” vibe too, “Praying” have a “Hallelujah” feel too, and maybe “Feel it Still” have a “Misbehavin’” feel.
Nicely done so far. I really liked this arrangement from them as it is more choral. Simple but it gives less advanced groups the opportunity to do one of their pieces.

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