Regret & Uncertainty | A Piano Solo

Uploaded on Nov 9, 2016


piano solo piano sad

Pages 6
Duration 03:19
Measures 93
Key signature 6 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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Reading these comments r so entertaining. Good song
If you're going to use other people's artwork, at least try to abide by the licensing. The picture used is by Jason Heuser (SharpWriter on DeviantArt) licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0.

I see no attribution anywhere and you even cropped it to remove his watermark. Not cool.
I wish this song had some relevancy to the photo, I'm looking at the photo and I'm listening to the song only to go, "The fuck?"
It doesn't match! I hate it!
i like how there is an eagle with a gun strapped around its neck and this is really good
There was a shooting Yesterday that killed or severely injured four right winged men at the annual congress charity baseball game. The man who did the shooting was a liberal, intent on assassination of the president. It's so sad that those men were killed over something so small as a different mindset! Now the liberal media is trying to cover it up as "one crazy man doing crazy things" and not a common vein running through the leftist community. It all started with the violent riots when Trump was first voted president, then it moved up in aggressiveness with a news reporter saying he wanted to "hit Trump on the head with a board," there was Kathy Griffin and her sick "joke" about Trump's severed head. Now there is a play that is going on in New York that depicts Donald and Melania Trump getting killed in Julius Caesar, him getting stabbed by all of his "cabinet." All of these violent references towards the president by the left wing media, has basically brainwashed people into thinking and acting violence towards the Republican party. Those men that were killed all had families, that they wont be going home to, the had friends that wont ever see them again, and they had a job working for the country that they will never serve again. As a whole you leftists need to take a step back and look at what your doing!!!!! Its absolutely ridiculous!!!! You need to take a breath, you lost, fair and square, take it like a man not the toddlers your acting like!!!!! Your acting like spoiled rotten toddlers who didn't get your way and you will get it at any cost, even bloodshed!!!!!!!! JUST CHILL OUT GUYS!!! You lost, just wait until next election, don't go kill all of the republicans! It's not ok how your acting, stop making fires, starting riots, verbal assaulting people, making crude jokes supporting violence, and killing people! Anyone who supports all that needs to be admitted into a mental hospital as they have NO common sense or morality! Its not just the people shooting the republicans that are the problem, its all of you having the temper tantrum that you cant kill your baby in a partial birth abortion or allowing school-choice or even *gasp* religious freedom for those "crazy" Christians! Just take a step back and look at what YOU are doing to our country and the people who live in it. Chill out and wait for next election already, instead of making it a living hell for all of us.
Hello chaps! Guess what? It's 2017 and Donald J. Trump just ended the funding for the climate change hustle in Paris. Isn't that great news?
But unfortunately, it seems as if some of the liberals are quite upset about this, but they seem to have a problem. They can't even control their own emotions, let alone the climate.
I just like to look at Germany, poor and more poluted. That whole Paris deal was to scam countries of their money, gotta give 'em props for goin' big lel
This comment hurts my eyes. That is an opinion, not a fact, ergo I can disagree with it. So I am. You tool.
What a ride! I must say, I really enjoy your purely piano pieces.
Of course I would never do that; it's a beautiful song. But I've never seen so many triggered comments on here before. I'm guilty of using Trump as click bait also, but I'm uncertain. I wish that we could discuss controversial stuff without all the flame wars. Anyway, not your problem, but the Internet's.
Read some similar stuff happening in the late 1700s, forgot what for though. The late 1700s has so many events easy to get mixed up. Read a quote, however, about crossing the street lest they be obliged to tip their hat to one of opposing views. Much more mild, but history has a tendency to repeat in one way or the other, yeah?
Indeed. But I still worry about the future of discourse. Words are important, and it's reckless to use them the way some do here. What if it became acceptable to talk like this in real life?
It probably wouldn't, talking like that in real life will lead you to a horrible reputation really quick. People do it on the internet so much because of the anonymity.
Perceived anonymity. If you want to, it's not that hard to trace online footprints back to actual names. You're right, but why people think their identities are safe is beyond me
And to add, the everyday joe won't attempt to trace anything. Think again lol
Yeah, I guess people really are immune to most of the social side effects of acting irresponsible on the internet. But people would do well to remember that they're in a glass house, and eventually someone will open their eyes.
The internet is not so much glass as it is lead. Take the necessary precautions, and you can hide better than George Soros lol
You have more faith in the general populace than me. I have to hope it's better elsewhere, but here in 'Merica, we don't take necessary precautions. It's how we roll. Of course some people do, but at last check, the vast majority don't. That's who I was referring to.
Yeah, don't hope it's better elsewhere. These are tough times and only the smartest get comfortable. Others either get lucky or role a natural 1 that screws their life up.
.. if you're a hacker, ok. but if you don't post shit about any personal information whatsoever and use a virtual private network, nobody's gonna find you.
Aplexle, this is for you
Okay... and? It wasn't much of a surprise to me that he won.
16? Heh, thinks he knows everything.
Having trouble spelling? Hillary has two l's. My name is spelled Alplexle.
Wowwwwwwww. Attacking me on my spelling? Weak. Also, answer the damn question you coward.
awesome song, and the best part is it will take me trump's whole term to learn it.
I looked at it like "nigga why you gonna be learning a song for four years?"
And I applaud you for making the best comment i the whole comment section without triggering anyone
Even though I partially agree with *some* of what you said, boycotting him is just plain immature. By leaving this comment, you yourself are, in fact, giving him satisfaction; it tells him that he's successfully triggered another victim. Or, I should say, that's how you would put it. You're basically contradicting yourself.
Do not call me immature. My message goes out to those who were upset. I used to be a fan of this guy, but I went and unfavorited ever one of his songs.
Aww, someone's salty at how many favorites I have, and decided to rebel by spamming petty insults on my songs. How old are you again?
Not even my lizard form? That's sad.
Alp, that wasn't a very great comeback either.
Also, why are you monitoring our argument? Was just wondering.