Andrew Úlfur - The Impossible Overture

Uploaded on Jan 29, 2017

Please read the description:
"The Impossible Overture" is a 3-minute piece, partly inspired by Beethoven. It was created in a time period of 3-4 days, for about 6 hours every day. It is one of my older pieces, written when I was 10. It is most likely possible to play this(with two people), but I recommend not trying it. You have been warned, so do not hold me responsible when you try it and end up with no fingers. Enjoy!
- Andrew Úlfur 🐺

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The Impossible Overture Piano Classical? Andrew Úlfur

Pages 5
Duration 03:07
Measures 147
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Was wearing headphones with my eyes closed, enjoying this, and then measure 33 comes and scared the absolute heck out of me. XD R.I.P.
Whoa. That's really good! If I tried playing this, I'd need a pretty talented page turner, lol. :D
Ohh I remember this I always like the opening of this piece
WOAH! I won't even try to play that...maybe the waltz part :D This is so much fun to listen to. Great job!
You should orchestrate this! It would be really cool with all of the different colors. Consider it! ;)
This is great!... but how do you march to a 3/4 beat?
Holy shoot bro! Your 10??!! I'm not much older then you! You are so amazing and an inspiration to me!
Thank you! Hopefully I'll have another score soon.
So, you self taught yourself with piano?
Do you mean in composing? For composing for piano(actually in general), yes. For playing piano, no.
Wow. I bet God is so proud of you for sharing your talents and being so kind to others! How long have you been playing piano?:)
About 2-3 years. Thank you for your kind words!
And you really self taught? How did you learn the theory?
I didn't technically learn any theory, I usually just listen to other composers and get ideas from their structures and tones.
That's what I do! I basically didn't understand theory but I now understand it in my own unique way. That's cool dude!
I apologize for inactivity. I am having trouble with orchestral SoundFonts, and I still do not know how to use them. I am now also trying to get 2.1, and the download notifications have stopped popping up every time I open MuseScore 2.0.3.
Beautiful beginners' piece. Helped me start learning the basics. Hard to find simple beginners' pieces that sound well and are simple to play.

Good work.
... Are you being sarcastic? It's hard to tell, because I think this is a very complicated work.
Thank you very much, though :D
I'm the most sarcastic person you'll ever meet.
Can you transcribe "for an imaginary friend" to musescore? It's so amazing and the musescore community would love it!
10 years old huh ... Looking at this piece, I struggle to comprehend how that is feasible (and you're self-taught o_o). By the way, did you compose this piece, or is this a really hard piece that you like to play, either way it is quite impressive!
I composed it, thanks. :D A favorite, please?
it is pretty good. but damn will take time to practice it 👍👍👍
Lol, it was in Db major so I thought I would just say that :P
This is impressive to begin with, but the fact that you're only ten makes this completely incredible!
O wow this sounds really good!
Man this many comments!
Hmm I wonder why?? Oh yeah, IT'S REALLY GOOD!
This is really good! The first theme is excellent
Can't stop coming back on this piece. It's so good...
I'd love for someone to attempt to play this lol. Great job here!
i never thaught that a 10 year old human would ever be able to be so good!!! i am simply out of words!!! i am 17 and i am far away from your talent. have a look at all my scores and compare them to yours. mine are great, but not as much as yours. if you are 10 years old and so talented, you are a legend of music. if you want to do a collab with someone, i would be very interested to do something with you.

you can email me at any time at alafortune25@gmail.com for anything, such as advice, help or collab.

sincerely, Alexandrovski, from the real name Alexandre Lafortune De Celles
I love the multiple different styles in this, despite it being impossible to play :P
I'd have the urge to arrange this for a band if I didn't have the max amount of scores ;P