Mazurka in F-Sharp Minor

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Feb 18, 2018

Have been messing around with mazurka rhythms for a little bit now, and just came up with this one today//

I really hope you enjoy it! It's dark but playful and brushes strokes of dusk and dawn onto a canvas in a way I can't really describe...

By the way... the default audio is now my recording of it, which literally took ALL DAY to get zz.. if i get a better or if one of you wants to play it ill upload it but for now this should do

Anyways, let me know what you think in the comments below! Enjoy :)


(heres the link to the youtube video/audio of my recording btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgdQ3dx5R2Y)

Chopin Prelude Etude Waltz Dance Mazurka A Major F-Sharp Minor Minor Romantic Romance Classical Solo Piano Piano Ravel Debussy Andrew Kierszenbaum Short Relaxing Relax Composer Composition New Fresh Ballade Vivace Presto

Pages 4
Duration 01:45
Measures 93
Key signature 3 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Thanks a lot MrBobbyGuy!! Indeed, I agree :) I wish I could get some of my older pieces recorded :/
Sounds alot like Chopin, and a bit of Liszt! That is a very Impressive composition!
Very very tall compliment Or! I'm so happy you enjoy it!! (also those are my like heroes LOL)
sounds like Chopin or Liszt, which means you're a pretty talented composer P.S. I don't mean the 'sounds like Chopin or Liszt' to be taken as I'm saying it's plagiarism
MrBobbyGuy, this is a tremendous honor... Those are my heroes!! I am so glad you like it :)
I'm so glad to hear that, Iamatk!! Very humbling.. thank you:)
wow this is amazing, love the way how the E# at the end of the 4th measure connects into the 5th, the modulation is interesting, the two contrasting themes are also really nice. the change from F# major to F# minor at the end was pretty sudden though, i think it might sound better if it ended in major. otherwise i think this is amazing, better than anything i could do haha
This is really useful dude thx a lot! I know what u mean about that ending hahah thanks again!!
Chopin is crying with joy in his grave
Dudeee I HOPE this would please him HAHAHA i love chopin so much thanks for the comment russianapex1!
Thank you man thats so so humbling to hear... If only haha! Thanks again for the comment and I'm glad you like it!
Alistar in your game rn. Good stuff :)
It amazes me how you aren't super famous, this is so good! It gives me chills man.
Such humbling words, Brendan... So glad you like it! Thank you!
i just came from lol nice song dude :D
well he is a big influence haha but i’d like to think i’m slowly getting my own style too x) thanks Seon Yong! i love all ur preludes btw
dude joe that means so much coming from you thank you so much..
Wow, I am truly blown away! I'd say you've done a bit more than messed around with mazurka rhythms!
I'm so glad you like it, Kelby! And haha you dont even wanna know how many mazurka drafts i have.. -.- lol
I really like the underlying feeling of unease in the beginning section, and the transition to the happy A major section is great! Keep it up!
Thanks a lot dude! Ya right it’s got a cool, like clair-obscur kinda vibe...
Love this! It reminds me a bit of Scriabin more so than Chopin, not sure why tho :D
lol i listened to exactly those two’s mazurkas to get a feel for the style so maybe that’s it haha thanks Justinas! :)
Wonderful Andrew! Your works never cease to impress me.
Thank you Jackie... this is really humbling. I really appreciate it!:)