Gymnosolitude Nº.1 - Walk After Rain

Uploaded on Dec 5, 2015


Musical form of Gymnosolitude is invented by Finnish composer Tuukka Jokilehto (Tuukka Jokilehto - In his words gymnosolittude is : music describing the happiness, melancholy and sadness of walking in solitude. Тuukka named the original gymnosolittude "Gymnosolitude No.1: Lonely Dinosaur in Paris" and that score is located at

At the time I wrote piece I was not aware of the music form gymnosolittude. I wanted to write a piece about walking alone and when I learnt about gymnosolitues I found the form to be an exact match for this small piece. I named it Nº.1 in a hope I may write another one in the future.

This particular gymnosolittude is about a walk just after rain stopped while some droplet are still falling off roofs, and the air smells wonderfully

UPDATE (February 23, 2016) Added cover photo, and decorated with pedals, legatos, dynamics marking. (In case anyone wondered the photo was taken at E.P. "Tom" Sewer State Park in Louisville, Kentucky)

UPDATE (August 26, 2016) Replaced repeated measures with musical repetition signs (repeats, coda). Also, in the original version I did not know how to use staff specific dynamics (i.e. how to tell MS to play LH softer or that crescendo applies to RH only).

gymnosolitude piano solo

Pages 3
Duration 02:48
Measures 62
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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