Stacked Kolos - Third Movement - Donut Kolo

Uploaded on Sep 3, 2018

Kolo (lit. Wheel) is a circular dance common among South Slavs.

The 7/8 time signature is the signature time of the traditional and folk music of nations of former Yugoslavia.
Not every kolo is written in 7/8 and not every 7/8 folk tune is a kolo but there are is a large intersection between the two sets.

Since the structure of the 7/8 time signature of the first movement was (3+2+2)/8, and of the second movement (2+2+3)/8, I’ve decided to go with the remaining combination of (2+3+2)/8 for the third and last movement. I have never heard a kolo with this particular variant of 7/8 but anyway gave it a try.

All three movements:


Pages 23
Duration 03:48
Measures 88
Key signature natural
Parts 9
Part names Piccolo, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Percussion, Bass, Viola, Cello, Contrabass
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