Fairy Tail Ending 6: Be As One

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Uploaded on Jun 29, 2016

Original by D_BANG1: https://musescore.com/user/215456/scores/230176

A simplified version of original transcription by D_BANG1. Simplified left hand, all the same notes, I only changed how the rhythms were written. Mostly everything is the same as original, I just removed some unnecessary ties and stuff. All the actual transcripting was done by D_BANG1, so all credit for the amazing and accurate job they did goes to them.

New Info:
I am currently working on a lot of new projects, all having to do with Fairy Tail, hopefully I'll be posting other anime/videogame music soon.

If you haven't seen already, my YouTube and SoundCloud are up, be sure to check it out.
I do not own Fairy Tail, and am in no way associated with Fairy Tail. All rights belong to their rightful owners, this is simply fan-made.
If the original owner wants this score removed, contact me and I will remove it.

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Pages 2
Duration 01:35
Measures 64
Key signature natural
Parts 2
Part names Piano(2)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Thank you! I love D_BANG's transcriptions but they're way too complicated for me to play!
I'm so glad you found this useful! It's literally just the same thing. If you look closely at all the sixteenth notes in the left hand, you can see they all add up to a quarter note. So it's still the same thing, just more appealing to the eye.
I checked out the original, which looked really complicated. Thanks you so much for making this. I sounds really good!!!