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I composed this darling little piece as a challenge from a friend who asked if I could compose a ragtime variation of the song "Shpadoinkle Day" from "Cannibal! The Musical"—and I thought I was up to the task. It is definitely a derivative composition, and is intended to be. It uses techniques and touches from a number of other ragtimes (including my own), but I think it melds them together in a very fun and pleasing way.

And for Sepehr, Giuseppe, Tata, and others who may wonder at the term "shpadoinkle": it is completely a made up word, created by Trey Parker as filler word in his song lyrics until he thought of a better word to replace it—which, apparently, he never did:

an exclamation: a word to express emotion
adj: to declare something good, bad, or otherwise
"It's a shpadoinkle day!"
"SHPADOINKLE! I think I broke my leg."

This piece only took me a couple of hours to compose, once I finally got past a lot of writer's block. After I decided to make it almost a parody of a ragtime piece—to make it a little "over the top"—I suddenly had the feel that I wanted and was able to give the piece its own personality and flair without doing too much damage to the ragtime genre.

I hope you agree and I hope you enjoy it!

Genre: Contemporary
Format: Composition

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RemixV's picture

Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pieces!!!

arthurbreur's picture

Thank you for listening to them!

arthurbreur's picture

Dynamics and articulation added, plus a little bit of rubato and pomp.

arthurbreur's picture

Thank you, Allie!

Allie's picture

SHPADOINKLEEEE! This is adorable!

(Shpadoinkle, noun: used, in this case, to express the emotion known as "over-excitement due to overwhelming cuteness of a person or thing.")

GMC's picture

You are very good composer Arthur!
Thanks for sharing this rag.

arthurbreur's picture

Thank you, Giuseppe. It is my pleasure!

arthurbreur's picture

Transposed to D-flat Major. I had transposed down a half-step from the key in the movie because I figured it would be easier to play in C. It turns out, though, that with the accidentals (and trying to avoid squeezing my thick fingers between the black keys as much as possible) the piece is FAR easier to perform in D-flat.

Georg Pfeifer's picture

I like all of your rags. And they sound like rags, because they are rags. Thank you for sharing.

arthurbreur's picture

Thanks, Georg!

Sepehr Keyhani's picture

Really nice Ragtime , Arthur . Your ragtimes are amazing .
I listened to the "Shpadoinkle Day" from "Cannibal! The Musical" , you did a nice work !
I wish you wrote variations , but this is great .
And thanks for description ! I was trying to translate 'shpadoinkle' but I couldn't , and when I saw my name in descriptions , I surprised !
Anyway sometimes some pieces doesn't follow the forms . This things happen largely in music . If it was supposed all Classical composers follow the true classical forms never Romanticism didn't come .
(And excuse me because wrong English , I think I used wrong sentences )

arthurbreur's picture

Sepehr: Thank you for the compliment.

Also, no apology is needed for trying to communicate in a language other than your own. Were it not for Google Translate, I would not have been able to write to you in Persian at all. I don't even know the letters, much less the words. Your effort is admirable and appreciated, and your sentences were understood.

سپهر: با تشکر از شما برای تعریف.

همچنین، هیچ عذرخواهی برای تلاش برای برقراری ارتباط در یک زبان به غیر از خود شما مورد نیاز است. شدند برای گوگل ترجمه، من شده اند قادر به نوشتن به شما در زبان فارسی در همه. من حتی نمی دانم حروف، بسیار کمتر از کلمات. تلاش شما قابل تحسین و قدردانی است، و جملات شما درک شد.

Sepehr Keyhani's picture

Anyway I have to improve my English .
Also learning Persian is not so important for another people , because just there is three countries speaks in Persian but most of countries among world speak in English .
It's good my sentences was understandable at least . :)

EricBK's picture

I love this! Excellent!

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Uploaded Jul 9, 2013
Pages 2
Duration 1:04
Measures 35
Key signature 5 flats
Parts 1
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  • Piano
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