Chemistry - Original Song by Arthur Breur

Uploaded on Feb 24, 2016

This piece was commissioned by Annette Saarinen for her granddaughter Aurora, who happens to be studying chemistry (among other things) so she can pursue her goals of working on environmental restoration.

Composing a song that is a gift for a friend's granddaughter is fraught with a number of perils, particularly when one of the inspirations is that the recipient of the song likes Adele tunes. Adele's songs are mostly romantic songs about lost or unrequited love, so the lyrics couldn't really come across as being FROM the grandmother.

Knowing that Aurora is studying chemistry, however, gave me a clue as to how I could make the piece work nicely: make it sound like a love song about the chemistry between two people, when in fact, the lyrics are talking about how our use of chemistry is both responsible for the state of our environment and the means we must use to fix it.

I did use my usual trick of starting with words or names, and have composed both "Aurora" and "Chemistry" into the notes of the piece, the former in the accompaniment, and the latter as the foundation for the verse melody.

This is just a piano and voice arrangement, and I fully plan to create an instrumental recording as well.


How can we fix this mess that we've created?
Though we've waited far too long, it's not too late.

We can't undo the damage done, but we can change it,
We'll rearrange it every hour and every day.

It's been our chemistry that's leading us astray,
Just like it's chemistry that gives us hope to stay.
And while our hearts keep reaching on
We must do everything we can today
To use our chemistry to save our chemistry.

I am here, my hand stretched out, if you will take it.
We can make it through the madness and the pain.

Looking up I see a light to inspire
Like a fire across the sky to lead the way.

It's been our chemistry that's leading us astray,
Just like it's chemistry that gives us hope to stay.
And while our hearts keep reaching on
We must do everything we can today
To use our chemistry to save our chemistry.


Copyright 2016 Arthur Breur. All Rights Reserved.

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Pages 8
Duration 03:49
Measures 78
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 2
Part names Flute, Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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I think I'll write a song about real chemical dependency .
I liked this and its got very attractive melodic material and the accompaniment fits well . One thing I like in composition is an inventive ind which can not just repeat his good 1st theme/melody/tune/subject but can find other shapes or pitches to use as the music unfolds even other rhythms can take us deeper . i took a simple horn piece a guy put on here and turned it into a more inventive detailed , interesting and wholly new horn concerto . Listen to Tori Amos and see how when she repeats the 1st verse no matter how fine or engaging that melody is she induces further interest by not only changing BUT ADDING SOMETHING DEEPER THAT CLARIFIES THE MEANING & WORDS . Also , transitions after verses into secondary material before repeats of verse and then another different or somehow modified of already exposed material before the chorus and then even sometimes transitions back to the opening mood . There are so many ways to structure and give interest to abab , abba aabbccbbaa and other structures of songs. this song can be very simple but the depth it suggests REALLY begs for more work . I've been listening to your music for awhile and I know if you put more into your music you will really make something . It's nice to get commissions and money and whatever else you have achieved but the best thingis to know you have done your best . My 1st piano concerto here for Marc-Andre hamelin came out of me in a single afternoon . everytime i look at it i see a million things to improve and structure is one of the first things that can improve a good song or piece . Content and form are symbiotic . I'm not lazt I just go on to new stuff all the time because there is sooo much music in me . 21st ccentury boy is not a taskmaster nor am i a critic but I hope you will take all i've said in the right nurturing , growing way .Listen to any really good songwriter Joni mitchell , Joan Armatrading , Chrissie Hynde and you'll hear da stuff I'm talkin' bout .
People like you inspire me to write music. i always think that i would never be good, but to see everyone be so amazing here, like you, makes me feel good about myself and want to continue composing. Definitely favoring this song- although I can only sing the lower notes lol, but hopefully i'll reach the high notes. If this is on spotify or youtube, im going to add it to my playlist :)
First, thank you. We inspire each other. Every time someone tells me my music has touched them, I am more motivated to continue and to make my music even better. Keep working on music. You should feel good about yourself regardless. I'm sure in just a few minutes talking I could identify half a dozen wonderful things about you!

This song isn't recorded yet, so no youtube or spotify so far. I've not found someone to sing it. You could download the sheet music and play with the key to get it where it is in your range, to sing along with it. Let me know if you do!
Thank you, Rebecca. I am proud of this piece.
This is beautiful-
I'll go show myself out now-
I like this a lot! I enjoy studying chemistry, so another reason.
Thank you, Nathan. I do enjoy the double-meanings in the words in this piece, and it was very rewarding to create both music and lyrics.
It is good! i am from Czech, so I can not say much of anything. And if you wonder why I'm writing funny, it was translated to Google Translate.
Děkuji mnohokrát! Můj český je pravděpodobně mnohem horší než váš angličtině, takže jsem v závislosti na Google Translate, jak dobře!
THANK YOU. Your Czech also not bad.
You are so thoughtful with your music. its easy to arbitrarily compose to make it sound good for the musescore playback. You have such a great way of making your music not only enjoyable but playable. and even my grandmother thinks the same thing (but what does she know, she's only subjective). Great piece!
Well, I think your grandmother is brilliant! Thank you very much for the compliments, both of you!
This is incredible. I love the words! Thank you for posting!
Thank you very much! I'm particularly proud of the words and their double meaning!
This is absolutely beautiful! It's a tune that I'm happy to have stuck in my head.
Thank you, Phillippa! I'm happy to have it stuck in your head as well! ;)
Thank you for listening to it, Gerdienke!
Since I heard it the first time, I'm catching myself singing the melody absent-mindly the whole day. It's really beautiful!
Thank you, Fabiola! That's a great compliment, as it is my goal to create melodies that people will enjoy singing and thinking of after the song has ended!
Thank you, Fabiola! That's a great compliment, as it is my goal to create melodies that people will enjoy singing and thinking of after the song has ended!
wow, it is one of the best songs i ever heard on musescore!!!
Thank you, Alexandre. The compliment is appreciated, though I'll be (rightfully) modest and say that you just need to keep listening—there are SO many amazing songs on MuseScore!
I cannot imagine that why I didn't listen to it earlier but now I'm absolutely in love with this fantastic piece.
Thank you, Máté. It is challenging to keep up with all of the great compositions that are here on MuseScore, so I completely understand. I enjoy going back and finding music by you and other composers I respect and follow on here. Thank you for the compliment on this piece. I am very happy with how it turned out, especially considering I created the words as well as the music, AND that it works in a relatively "pop music" style.
Compliments beautiful song. I like it a lot. Ciao Arthur
This is a pretty music, good job man !
Wow, this is incredible; so original and it just flows so nicely.
Thanks, Ethan! I think I did a pretty good job of playing with "contemporary" pop chording while still coming up with something that has its own feel. Still, I'm proudest of the lyrics and the overall strategy of the piece.
Merci, Robert! I think it turned out very well!
This is so fantastic. I love it, especially the "secret" lyrics you've put into it. I'm going to try that in my own music!
Thank you! It actually made the process of writing lyrics easier, as it was a puzzle and a game to make everything work with two interpretations.
Hi Arthur, your song's great! Could I have the permission to make a whatever-official-ish cover of this? [Also, I need someone for the vocal part... any help?] Obviously I'll credit it all to you.
Giovanni: I myself am currently working on how to get a vocal for a demo recording, so I will let you know what I learn from my connections on that topic. (I have a friend in Florida who thinks it is in her range, and I have a male friend here in Portland who could definitely do a recording, though it would obviously have a different feel sung an octave down!) As to you recording a cover of the song, as long as the song is credited as music and lyrics by me and you include "Commissioned by Annette Saarinen", and limited to posting on SoundCloud and YouTube, I would be honored. (If you would like to do more distribution than SoundCloud & YouTube, let's discuss in more detail, just to be clear of all the details!)
Cover updated to put "voice" first, and performance notation added on inside cover (for pianists who don't have freakishly long reach).
Updated the key to D minor. Originally I thought it must be in a D major modal, with the flattened 6 and 7, but it's easier to imagine it as D minor with occasional raised 3 and 6.