Concert March No. 1 - "Faithful Companion" (Original Composition)

Uploaded on Nov 29, 2015

NOTE March 23 2017: Thickened the 2nd strain's intro to NOT have it feature two oboes playing in unison.

NOTE June 23 2016: Parts cleaned up, including consideration for page turns, rehearsal number placement, and part name on all pages.

NOTE May 19 2016: Switched "bark" from French Horns to Trombones, switched low flute part in second strain to Oboe.

NOTE Jan 17 2016: Alto sax part lowered on p5 to prevent violence to the composer/arranger.

Here's the full concert march, "Faithful Companion"—dedicated to my sister, Margie, & my brother-in-law, Mike, in memory of their beloved faithful companion, Maisie.

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Pages 11
Duration 2:31
Measures 151
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 33
Part names Piccolo
Flute (2)
Clarinet (6)
Bassoon (2)
Alto Saxophone (2)
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
Trumpet (3)
French Horn (2)
Trombone (3)
Tuba (3)
Percussion (6)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I really enjoyed the march a lot. Just me personally, I wouldn't have started with a percussion feature. Later on in the march, I noticed how you used it for translations, so I see why it made sense to start out with it.

This is great! Reminds me of The liberty bell (for some reason) in some places throughout it. Congrats on getting your work performed here soon also ( And being musescorer of the month)! It's nice to know you've written this for Maisie btw. My dog passed two days after you published this on December 1st. And I could not compose something this good to remember her by. ( I tried, that was in 2015, I've developed since then just a bit but I'll remember her in heart.) I have a photo of her on my piano though. :)

In reply to by arthurbreur

It did and I thank you, we went through a lot together (11 almost 12 years). She was originally my dads dog, and then he passed away a year after we got her (so she became my dog, or at least I like to think :) .) Her name was Cindy Lou (yes because of the Grinch! lol) And she was just as sweet as her too! Dogs are a treasure! And The liberty bell, and of course stars and stripes forever are two of my favs of Sousa (oddly enough I discovered the liberty bell through a video game. And never looked back.)

In reply to by arthurbreur

Happy I reminded, as a composer (or even performer) one thing you will always be doing is learning no matter what. And knowledge is power. I'll be watching out for the revised copy of Faithful Companion, future works of yours, and the live version of Dance of the Monsters Under the Bed!

In reply to by Theamateurmarc…

I've already listened to your previous suggestions, and look forward to this one as well. I'm not sure I'll compose anything as "strictly" traditional, but I definitely enjoy the feel of these marches and will add them to my regular concert band listening!

A friend likes to call this "Maisie's March" -- and I think that's a cute nickname for it, too!

In reply to by boebey58_8

High praise, indeed! Merci, Robert! Disney was definitely one of the strong musical influences in my life, and so many of the songs and themes from their movie studio and theme parks (especially those produced under Walt Disney himself) were very beautifully crafted.

In reply to by SimsMusic

Thank you, Jason. I've been a fan of marches starting probably with John Williams 1970s and 1980s movie scores, like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, and Superman, and only then did I start paying attention to John Philip Sousa marches and others from the "era" of marches. I took a little liberty with the form and the instrumental arrangement, but also followed many of the "classic" military march rules. I'm very happy with the result, overall, though I find I have an urge to make a few minor adjustments (like creating a more distinct "dogfight" and doing some tweaks to the voicing in the transposed reprise at the end).

NOTE: new score posted with just cosmetic fixes (rests combined/corrected, staccato evened out, etc.)