Ragtime #1: Kiwi Rag

Uploaded on Oct 3, 2012

Wind Quintet Arrangement Here: http://musescore.com/arthurbreur/ragtime-1-kiwi-rag-arranged-for-wind-quintet
Updated January 30, 2014: had left a measure out of the transition from section B back to section A.
An upbeat 8-bar rag with lots of personality—and very fun to play! I composed this shortly after the Kiwi Theme.

piano ragtime original composition fun Piano Solo upbeat original composition high school composition

Pages 2
Duration 1:54
Measures 60
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives
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That's excentrically awesome! I hadn't listened to rags with such sophisticated harmonies. Is see a few weird enharmonic spellings, but that's just a stupid detail.

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Thanks, Albert. Some of the time, I notate chords the way I THINK of them, rather than according to the key that I'm in. You'll see this a lot in the sonata (http://musescore.com/user/45359/sets/91153); often I will think of a chord as an E-major chord, rather than an F-flat-major chord, and I end up notating the music that way. To ME it makes more sense to think of it that way and notate it that way, but I know I've had a few people ask about that choice.

In reply to by arthurbreur

I guess it's just part of my musical approach, as I analyze every work while sightreading it. It's kind of 2nd nature to me. And if I need to learn something I'll memorize that analysis. That's why I don't undertstand the presence of G# in the context of Eb major. But that's just me being very anal retentive.

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Thank you very much! It makes me smile every time I play it. (Although there's one spot in the third section I find I have to practice again--I just can't play one part of the left hand all of a sudden! I'm not smiling about THAT! I've been playing this piece for DECADES!)

In reply to by Super_Beethoven

Thank you! I do have a short theme that is about the kiwi fruit, but I've always pictured the ragtime (which was derived from that other theme) being the bird. I'd probably have titled it the "Kiwi Fruit Rag" otherwise. If you watch the video score you'll see that I chose pictures of the bird to accompany the recording!

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I plan on doing more YouTube videos and some video scores, but I'm focusing on practicing for a concert in November--my first in more than 20 years. That and getting all my music into MuseScore format are my priorities. --and THANK YOU for the compliment!

What a unique rag - it's wonderful! I like the harmonies the modulations and your fantastic recording on soundcloud.