Uploaded on Mar 30, 2013

I composed this piece for the wedding of one of my best friends from high school.

original composition Organ Wedding Church original composition recessional changing meter triumphant

Pages 7
Duration 02:20
Measures 127
Key signature natural
Parts 1
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I agree with the others. And the meter changes do not feel contrived at all.
Thank you, Hans. I remember as I was composing this piece that I was more aware of the excitement it made me feel than of what the meter happened to be as I was creating it. Your music is very impressive -- I'm amazed at anyone who can compose an enjoyable fugue.
This is great! I actually listened through this piece twice in a row! You get so much out of the two rytmic patterns (I might be wrong, correct me) you use throughout the piece, Im astonished! I might as well listen through it once more! :)
Thank you, Jan-Øyvind. Upon reflection, there is not a lot to this piece, but it remains exciting and interesting to listen to, even to me. When I listen to it again, I find myself caught up in the raw (blunt?) excitement of it—which was, after all, composed to reflect the excitement and giddiness of newlyweds.
There´s nothing here but pure, raw and even blunt joy and excitement upon the theme you have chosen, and with that you truly succeded! :)
I like that the motion is not static. Almost like electricity. Very good! I crown you king of complex meter certainly. Just don't take 3/4 from me haha.
I like the electricity metaphor, and agree with it. As to king of complex meter, the piece "Thanks So-o-o-0 Much" (coming to MuseScore soon) has complex meter too, but I think Orff probably has me beat as well as quite a few others...
Questa canzone è bellissima!
Complimenti Arthur!!!!!!!!!!
You might look funny dancing to the meters in this piece! But thank you!
I always look ridiculous dancing, so it would be nothing out of the ordinary for me.
Wow! All I can say is just WOW! I agree with Gerry, it left me breathless.
Thanks, J! (J.A.?) The 5/4 is naturally a bit breathtaking (Mission Impossible, Take 5, Mars: Bringer of War). I'm happy with how the changing meter in this piece ends up seeming "right" as the piece progresses. Of the organ pieces I've composed, I think this is my favorite overall. It is the ONLY organ piece I have ever performed live!