Sky in Motion

Uploaded on Sep 11, 2014

Ok, so this is my "final" version of this piece composed for and dedicated to Sepehr Keyhani (https://musescore.com/keyhani). I added "Sky" to the title because someone told me that "Sepehr" means "Sky", so it seemed appropriate. (If the translation is incorrect, that's just tough: this is the name of the piece now!) The feel is very movie score, and once I knew that the piece was going to have that feel, I ran with it--even "finishing" the composition by adding a solo intro line that (in a movie) would be played over the last two clever spoken lines from the two protagonists. Note: The "S-E-P-E-H-R" motif appears 42 times in the piece, not including partial or modified appearances.

movie score film score original composition sepehr keyhani piano solo piano movie theme movie style soundtrack

Pages 6
Duration 4:10
Measures 229
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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An Amazing piece. I happened to read my e-mails this morning and there it stared at me from the screen ! An e-mail from musescore. I am new member to this community. I read the feature piece "Meet the MuseScorer of the month". Wow. What and incredible way to write. Lets just say that my eyes were drowning in tears as I heard "Sky In Motion". I had no choice than to listen to it over and over.

God Bless !

Amazing! Thanks for sharing!
In a way - I get a feeling that this also would have been a grand piece - on two pianos..?
Beautiful work! Thank you!

Arthur; This piece is among your best pieces! I wish I could add it to my favorites for second time!
and nice photo, it wasn't there before.

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Thank you, Sepehr! It is certainly the piece that gets requested the most right now at my house concerts. I have a concert scheduled for next month and I intend to have it recorded -- AND to post video of Sky In Motion so I can do a video score of it instead of just the MuseScore playback!

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Thank you. While I sincerely appreciate the compliment and its sincerity, I think you will just need to keep looking and you will find many truly astounding pieces of music on MuseScore. Just in piano works alone, there is the outstanding music of Sepehr Keyhani (https://musescore.com/keyhani), Máté Pribelszky (https://musescore.com/matepribelszky), Florian Krüger (https://musescore.com/user/19326), and François Rousset (https://musescore.com/user/140125), just to name a very small few. We are fortunate to be surrounded by such talent in this online musical community!

Note: added fuller chords in the last section (beat 2 in 211, 213,215) to better match the piece as I have been performing it.

Hello Arthur, Don here. I especially like the part B with the three beats against two, very inventive, and it works quite well. I will remember that device. This is beautiful.

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Thank you, Don. That part came as somewhat of a surprise. I didn't really even realize I was doing with the beats until I started writing it down. The melody there turned out to be quite beautiful as well. I should have a video recording this week to share.

Pretty piece, very lyrical as said Fred. The second theme melody is beautiful, and somewhat atmospheric. Magnificent composition!

Arthur, This piece is really nice! 'B' section is really lovely, I enjoyed it so much! and after that repeat of 'A' section after 'B' section is really delightful.
As you said it's feel movie score. Specially romantic movies!

About meaning of first name 'Sepehr' , in Persian means Sky. Also I surprised about this!
FYI , my last 'Keyhani' name in Persian means Cosmic. There is a symmetry in my name.

I enjoy this piece so much!
Arthur Thank you so much! you surprised me so much!