Uploaded on Sep 22, 2011

First of all, I KNOW THAT IT'S NOT A FUGUE! I am just attached to that title. =)

Here's the separated string quartet parts. Try it out, it's lots of fun to perform!

This piece was originally written for me and my siblings to play on two violins and a viola, and due to requests, I added a cello part and a timpani part. The story of the piece starts off with the building storm, with occasional thunderclaps. Then, the thunder dies down, and the rain comes in, which is a more peaceful section, but progressively gets more intense (rain is mainly represented by fast runs in the first violin later in the peaceful section). The piece ends with thunder and rain together (more fast first violin runs with the thunderclaps), at the climax of the storm. I hope you enjoy listening to it!

hard drums fun viola timpani cello violin cool Fast Rain storm quartets challenging lightning

Pages 21
Duration 03:02
Measures 126
Key signature natural
Parts 6
Part names Strings(4), Timpani, Sound effects
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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That. Was. Amazing. Incredible composition, and great performance!! :D
Wow, 389 favourites now that I've favourited it as well :)
How come when I search fugue of the storm this isn't even in the first page? And also, awesome piece!
lol, I looked up fugue of the storm an it is #1
Aw, no Timpani. :( It would be epic if the was a Timpani part just going mad and almost breaking his instrument LOL. Not saying that the performance wan't good, don't get me wrong. :D
Nice! I really like your performance!!!
Thank you! I do wish we could redo it. It seems so long ago.
How did you get ur violin to sound like that?
How do you get a thunder tube in Musescore? I can't find it.
The throne was recently taken by a piece with over 700 comments that's only been up for like 1 week by now...
I've seen worse... Ok I've done worse.
What about 7 months and 2 weeks and 5 days?
But most of their comments are bullshit spam. This is still the winner imo.
Hey, if youre going for quality comments, look here. If you're looking for the most, i have that one. They're 2 different contests. You can't say we have less comments, because that's literally just reading 2 numbers to disprove that.
I said imo dude calm down I prefer quality over quantity.
I'm not actually mad, I just like to be right :D. Runs in the family. Sorry if I came off as incredibly aggressive.
The level of autism in this chain is so high I needed to get my liver replaced
Hey TNT3486! If you are wondering, I am WolfMusik, if you wanted to know. My pieces were terrible back then.
... Okay? Just 82 degrees, mostly sunny, and windy.