Uploaded on Sep 25, 2011

Wow, it's been a while. o_o

fun orchestra bass voice viola cello violin soprano alto tenor choir epic Irish harp pretty Aurora

Pages 31
Duration 03:54
Measures 145
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 11
Part names Strings(5), Sound effects, Voice(4), Harp
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Me gusta mucho esta melodía. Toda la obra es magnífica, pero sobre todo me gusta entre los compases 42 y 74. Me hace sentir alegría e ilusión.
Yes, I very much agree. It has such atmosphere
Love this! Sounds a little like Mulan to me :P
Que fantástico,agora a plateia pode ler a patitura junto com os músicos!
Wow! Fantastic! Beautiful music!! I always wanted to play this music!simply beautiful...
The funny thing is that the public also plays this music hehe...
Being a 6/8 fanatic, I love measure 75. :)
I personally like this better than Fugue of the Storm.
Cool! This one definitely took longer to make. I just wish I could find a good string sound to represent it. >_<
Woah what? 6700-ish views and no favorites? Or am I just seeing things?

EDIT: Nevermind. The favorites would only show if I actually favorited it. xD
Haha, that's weird. I was considering making edits to this one, I'm not too proud of the sound quality right now... XD
Hey, I would like to play the song with my school's orchestra, would that be alright?
Sure!! =) I'm honored! It'd be awesome if you could get it recorded and maybe post a videoscore, I'd love to see how it sounds for real =D
Alright thanks! We will sight-read it soon then prepare it for a performance. I will keep you updated on it. Will keep in touch.
Sounds more like rain that never stops. Darned MIDI playback systems.
It has a somewhat Howard-Shore-like feeling... However, the choir notation would be impossible for the voices - this can't be sung.
Really?!! That makes me happy, I love Howard Shore's music. Yeah, the choir was just for effect, I don't expect anyone to sing it.
I can't decide which movie this would fit to best...It's much easier to recognize the general truth that it should be fitted to a movie...
The part at 33 sounds a lot like the fugue of the storm, which isn't bad thing...and the 16ths at bar 48 are awesome! My one piece of advice is: some parts of this would've sounded even better (if possible) with a little percussion.
I love the applause!
Haha, thanks. I sure wish I could write for a movie, that would be..... awesome. Percussion would be pretty cool, but at this point, I think I'm just gonna leave the piece as it is. Thanks so much, I've neglected replying to all your comments on my pieces, you're one of the few who actually went through and seeming listened to EVERY one of my pieces!! Thanks =D
Applause? Looks more like sea waves...
This is awesome!! I applauded at the end (one of them was me) XD
how do you put pictures on the sheet music and wwwwwwwoooooooooowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! this is awesome i wish i knew how to make feeling to my compositions
This is beautiful. When it got to 180 bpm, my speaker couldn't handle the awesomeness x
This is absolutely beautiful...the violins are simply perfect!!!
Aw, you didn't have to do that AGAIN =D You are just too helpful =P
Honestly, for the slower part, I prefer MuseScore's soundfonts, I think they make it more 'flowy', and the strings aren't as bright-sounding, which I prefer for that part. But your rendition of the faster part is really cool, I think the soundfonts you used do a lot better in bringing that part out, especially in the melody. They are a whole lot more fitting, it sounded great! And the simulated applause... you know, I should really get rid of that XD Thanks for doing this again TNK!
Hoo, WHOOPS, I didn't realize I was on one of my dummy accounts XD ^That was me.
Your so amazing. Geez you need to write more stuff I'm gonna go into a relapse of not hearing your songs. You should seriously get some website to sell your songs so I can buy them and then put them on my ipod xP [I know I could download your music then make it to an MP3 but I don't want to do that] So hurry yo'self and get a recording contract xP
I third that. :) (Stealing your words AshBoy), but you should make an album haha. I would buy like 100 and give them to everyone as presents.
me fourth. And I totally agree RU, it would solve birthday problems.
Haha, thanks so much everyone!!!! That would be such a cool thing, to have an album...... I just don't know if they publish synthesized music very much. I'd definitely need to learn how to use better soundfonts to make them all sound better. I really appreciate all of your support =)))))))
Its possible to put these on Mp3 players, if you change Musescore files to midis, midis to mp3. But then Ashboy doesnt get anything, and your pretty much breaching the liscensce Ashboy has :/
Cool! I first found this on youtube and I wanted it for MuseScore :) great job
Well thanks!!!! I'm thrilled that people even found it through youtube..... Thanks for listening to it!
Yup... the amount of helpful people on here is quite amazing :P
Is there a reason for treble clefs being randomly placed on the "Applause" staff...?
Oh, haha, I never noticed that. I actually have NO idea how that happened......
Absolutely amazing, easily one of the best songs on this website. This song has come really far. I still remember the older version, in fact i still have one of them. Good job. :)
Thank you very much!!!!!! Yeah, I was really happy with the addition of the choir and the harp, though I feel like they may -kinda- block out the strings. That's cool that you have an older version, I still have the original 'just orchestra' version saved too.
Oh yeah, I think I've listened to this before! Very unique soundfonts...... It was really cool of you to make that, it's always interesting to hear an altered version of a song after listening to it countless times.....
Wow. This has come so far since I last listened. I love what the choir adds to it. Its just. I dont even know. I love it. Cant wait to hear more from you!
Thank you! If you hadn't figured it out, my other profile has two new pieces on it, feel free to take a look, the name is AshBoy84. - with the period.
Oh wait...... I just realized I said the exact same thing in the previous comment....... woops :P
Wow. I'd really be interested to see more pieces by you!
(Too bad they only allow five of them :( )