The Epic Awesomistic Collaboration

Uploaded on Jul 31, 2012

Both AshBoy's and TNK's piece descriptions below!

TheNewKid's piece description:


The Epic Awesomistic Collaboration consists of pieces by both Ashboy and TheNewKid that were actually COMBINED...and if not combined, they were placed in a medley. Here is a list of all of the pieces incorporated into The Epic Awesomistic Collaboration:



-Original collaboration: Ashboy and I collaborated on this original section.
-Arrangement of Joy to the World, by TheNewKid: http://musescore.com/the_new_kid/joy-to-the-world
-Odyssey: Canyon of Darkness, by TheNewKid: http://musescore.com/the_new_kid/odyssey-canyon-of-darkness


-The Future Before you, by Ashboy: http://musescore.com/user/20984/scores/53577


-A Time to Remember, by TheNewKid: http://musescore.com/the_new_kid_2/a-time-to-remember


-A Time of Youth, by Ashboy: http://musescore.com/user/14997/scores/33329


-The Heat of the Moment, by TheNewKid: http://musescore.com/the_new_kid_3/the-heat-of-the-moment
-Rockestra, by Ashboy: http://musescore.com/user/20984/scores/39001
-Fugue of the Storm, by Ashboy: http://musescore.com/user/14997/scores/25817


-Ghost, by Ashboy: http://musescore.com/user/20984/scores/50134
-Odyssey: Canyon of Darkness, by TheNewKid: http://musescore.com/the_new_kid/odyssey-canyon-of-darkness


-Remnants of the Past, by Ashboy: (not currently available)
-My First Lulluby, by TheNewKid: http://musescore.com/the_new_kid_2/my-first-lulluby


-Original collaboration: Ashboy and I collaborated on this original section.
-Odyssey: Canyon of Darkness, by TheNewKid: http://musescore.com/the_new_kid/odyssey-canyon-of-darkness


THE STORY: How it happened

Creating this collaboration wasn't easy, considering Ashboy and I live in different parts of the US, but we made it possible with 1 month time, 3.26 MB of shared online storage space, and approxomately 350 e-mail messages. It sounds more like a chore....but Ashboy and I ALWAYS found a way to make it fun =)

The whole Idea for the epicawesomistic collaboration started a loong time ago, when ashboy arranged my piece, The Heat of the Moment, for rock quartet (the piece is no longer up). There was a comment by a MuseScore.com user [who will remain anonymous] that said “You guys should work together more often” Ashboy responded saying “I didn't really change much. But I'd love to really team up on something.” A couple of weeks passed, and I got the idea to do a real collaboration with Ashboy considering that it was summer time. And Ashboy LOVED the idea, quote: “I think collaborating will be AWESOMISTIC!!!!!!!!!!” Hence the collaboration's title, “The Epic Awesomistic Collaboration.” It was Ashboy's suggestion that we base our collaboration off of COMBINING our pieces.

I really hope you like it. I greatly enjoyed making it. And I greatly thank Ashboy for his time and dedication to this collaboration.

Enjoy =)


AshBoy's piece description:

Well, TNK pretty much said it all! I've really enjoyed working with him, he was always ready to help when I was in a bind, and I think we accomplished some really interesting things together with this piece. Combining different parts from our pieces required a lot of experimentation, but it was TONS of fun. Together, we managed to synthesize some of our pieces into eachother, and I think the effect is REALLY cool. We also managed to compose an original beginning and ending together!!

For maximum enjoyment, I would suggest TURNING UP THE VOLUME. There are a lot of parts in this that make the best effect when they're nice and loud - of course, don't hurt your ears, make it comfortable!! That squeaky violin soundfont can get annoying when too loud... =P

Anyways, thanks so much for listening!!! I wouldn't be where I am today without TNK and the rest of you guys, so thanks so much for the support!
I hope its a worthwhile 9 minutes! =D

clarinet drums original composition flute trumpet fun orchestra bass viola timpani french horn cello violin piccolo cool awesome saxophone Tuba epic grand composers thenewkid ashboy awesomistic collaboration waffles

Pages 30
Duration 09:04
Measures 220
Key signature natural
Parts 30
Part names Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet(2), Bassoon, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Tuba(2), Trombone(2), Piano, Percussion(7), Timpani, Strings(5), Harp
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License None (All rights reserved)
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the only thing. in reality, i don't think 85% of cellists and xylophone players can play 64th notes that aren't in a scale. lol
4-mallet technique on xylo, but you gotta be pretty good... for cello..... just be Chuck Norris and you're good. 🤣👍👌🤘🤙💪🙏🙌🤸‍♂️
wow. those instruments. like 100
¡¡¡Fantástica!!! ¡Cómo me gusta la música épica, y más si es tan buena como esta!
Clarinets typically have runs with the flutes.
A musescore timeless classic. Absolutely incredible piece of music.
Just saying, I see that you have arranged different songs into your piece. You cannot Copyright this piece without proper permission from the original copyright holders. Not trying to hassle you, I'd just hate to see this taken down, or you to be sued for unlawful use of someone's music.
I'd love to give this to our director and see what he thinks. Would that be okay? And I don't think we could do all the movements but probably a few of them
I wish I had pro account that way I could join your group I love your music
Sorry don't listen to thAt it is absolutely positively AWSOME
A little part of it should be really fast I think it is awesome
I want u to publish this u could make some money off of this
Amazing but use might want to add more bass like a few more tubas to give it the big sound and a few more snare drums and one of those thing that mAke the thunder
IS THIS NOT OUT THERE?!?!? Seriously this needs to be published. I want to meet u in person and give a cookie. You earned one!
I do not know what to add more to all these comments that express what I feel listening to your works. Bravo ! Bravo! Bravo!
Amazing. Would you mind if I possibly made an arrangement of this?
swagarific, fanatastical, derpalicious what am I listening to.
Awesontastic! Greactacular! Um... You know, after listening to this you don't make sense anymore. Ps. Waffles!
BEAUTIFUL! AWESOME! AMAZING! THE BEST! To be honest, I just found TheNewKid yesterday or the day before yesterday. And just a few hours ago, I saw your account AshBoy. The two of you are amazing composers. Now, I am repeatedly listening to this... I don't know how I'm going to describe this. I can remember different orchestra music (mostly from Disney.. well, I love Disney :P ) not because it sounds similar but because it sounds very awesome! I hope you two will continue to make more collaboration... MORE AWESOMISTIC COLLABORATION! ^_^
....wow. Just...I am speechless. An amazing piece entirely! Seriously fantastic work, the both of you. I could see this as an end credits score for a movie or a videogame! Looking forward to seeing more of you guys's work~
This song HAS to get out there. I would love to hear this actually preformed. cudos to you.
This song would conquer MuseScore if you could run this through one of those programs that makes the song sound entirely realistic!!! I would die... this is so amazing... or, sorry, awesomeistic =)
2 year had passed, with 9834 views and 143 favorites, and this piece is still very extreme!!! I really it to be played in a real orchestra. Its so goo I want to cry ^_^
Haha, wow you're right, it has been a while... That would be so cool to hear it live. =3 I'd cry. (Probably isn't that reasonable to perform though). Thanks so much!! =)
How do you get the trills to filter?
and also, how do you add images to the beginning of your masterpieces?
Trills - invisible notes. Literally. We simulate the trill with real notes and then make it invisible. Image - Save an image to your desktop, make musescore a small window, and then drag the image file directly onto your score. And it magically appears! =) Thanks for listening!!!
Thanks! I love your work by the way, (if that is a surprise of any sort,) Your'e great, keep it up!
I will!!! ^_^ Btw, is that the new SSB pokemon character in your profile pic?
Wow. Just... Wow. This is also the 300th comment
Haha, congrats Xd And thanks from us both. =)
Absolutely amazing! Or should I say, AWESOMISTIC!! *cricket noises* I especially liked the Heat of the Rockstorm. I do agree that it didn't fit well with the rest of the song, but it was still my favorite section! It really felt like one fluid song rather than three seperate songs peiced together, and the drums definitely added a lot to it. But one question: why is it at the top of the DG music list?
Haha, say awesomistic as much as possible. =P I'm glad you liked that section! TNK and I were pretty happy with it, it was fun to combine those pieces together. And when people comment on scores, that score gets moved to the top of the groups that it's in. I think.
This is MUSIC. The beginning reminds me of Vangelis "In quest of paradise".I really followed to the very end.The finale is great. And,congratulations about the dynamics.
I'm so happy you were able to follow it to the end! That's really great to hear. Thanks for listening, I'll have to look up the vangelis piece!
This is very awesomeistic! :D Definitely worth 9 minutes
Haha, I'm so glad you made it all the way through! =P