THE WORLD REVOLVING (String ensemble arrangement) - DELTARUNE

For String Orchestra

Uploaded on Nov 8, 2018

original here: https://musescore.com/avemflamma/the_world_revolving

Arranged my transcription of The World Revolving for a string orchestra and accompaniment by piano and percussion.

deltarune the world revolving jevil strings jevils theme jevil's theme

Pages 4
Duration 03:22
Measures 46
Key signature 5 sharps
Parts 7
Part names Strings(5), Piano, Percussion
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial, share alike
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Hmmm, convincing my fellow violins in the orchestra to play this would be decently simple, as they starve for the melody for every single song we play, even though they always get it. I myself have played through the piano part with little difficulty, just practice. But the problem is the fact is convincing the rest of the orchestra... (viola, cello, and bass) Sigh... I hope I have the determination.
I feel you... if I originally intended this as an arrangement for string orchestra, I would totally make the effort to split up the parts in a way conducive to the enjoyment of all of the sections. It's just a bit hard to do with a formulaic song like this one especially when the arrangement I'm basing it off of is for a much larger ensemble :P
Haha, but the parts meant for Viola, Cello, and Bass for this song would still be boring for those in the large ensemble. XD
It's really impressive, it just doesn't sound quite right compared to your original one. Of course I don't think anyone would be surprised really, but good try. It still sounds amazing.
And also the violins and the piano would be having a great time, and the drummer, but the viola, cello, and bass would be super bored. Not really a fixable problem, and kinda the norm, but still a disappointment as someone who is in Orchestra, and plays Cello and Viola, I would be super bored playing this.
nice! Thanks for making an orchestral arrangement for this!

(it’s kind of hard to scrounge up 27 different instruments to play a song like this with friends)
w o w. This is, like, REALLY good! Great job!
Wow! Nicely done! It's very good, maybe impressive!
Thanks! It sure is hard to work with just strings to get the sound of this piece right lol