Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl - He's A Pirate | Piano Solo

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Mar 16, 2017

This score has gone through a lot... fake copyright claim (I honestly don't know how that was done); after that I re-posted it but with no pedal, so I just got to fix it.

I hope you like it! I made it the left hand more consistent on some parts where it wasn't.


pirates of the caribbean he's a pirate the curse of the black pearl barbossathepianist hans zimmer klaus badelt piano solo re-post

Pages 5
Duration 01:22
Measures 45
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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whoah. love this song. it is so amazing. I'll definitely try it.
wouah!!! i love this song (wrote by HANS ZIMMER💛🧡❤) and i play piano since 7 years (i'm 13) but i never could play this song, because it's too difficult, but this sheet is really, really good, BarbossaThePianist, thank you for this, really, it's awesome.
huge thanks from France...
PS: can you do "Salamender's Eyes" from "Fantastic Beasts", (James Newton-Howard), please?😁
Maybe it's just the site, but it feels like it's too soft and quiet.
I have had the same trouble with trying to upload different arrangements of this song and they all get taken down due to copyright issues. It's very strange.
Hm interesting. I haven’t had any more happen though, which is good.
Yeah that piece was the only one of my scores that have gotten taken down because of copyright claims.
I am learning all theme songs from “The Pirates Of The Caribbean” for my recital and I am using this sheet 👍 Thanks
That’s awesome!! If you could, please record your performance and send it to me! You’re welcome :D
Nice, I would change the 3/4 bars to 6/8 though. It will sound the same but it will be easier for someone to play to keep the 8th note pulse throughout the piece
This is how it was written, so I transcribed it directly. :)
I already asked this, but I suppose you look at this ones comments more. What program do you use to make your songs?
I use MuseScore’s software :). I also use FL Studio, but mainly for electronic music.
How do you get MuseScore software? I'm mainly looking for a software for Piano.
By the way, thanks for the MuseScore sessions on your Youtube channel! they've been a big help! 😃
Amazing! I don't think one of your songs are not good!
that double negative though. I mean, they are not not good.
This has been and always will be the best music from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Well, my keyboard hasn't got those lower pitches. Now I'm sad
Oh 😢 i hate how they make smaller keyboards...
Oh my gosh this is what I need in my life. Gonna play is straight away (if I'm good enough to play it, lol)
"He's a Pirate"? Wasn't that suposed to be Will's theme then? It's Obvious that Jack is a pirate, and this conversation happend: "You know he's a blacksmith?" "No, he's a pirate!"

So, it's Will's theme, isn't it?
I feel like the idea of this song was to be the theme of anyone who was doing anything swashbuckling enough to truly "be a pirate".
I love the fact that if that's true, Hans Zimmer did not use the theme to embody any specific character, but the feeling of being a pirate itself which he did so well that literally anyone that hears this song immediately connect it with adventure on the high seas!
i love this one ssssooooo much !!!!!!!!
but i have only learnt 1.5 pages so far :c
I'm very glad you do!! Haha yeah it's tricky! Keep practicing, don't give up. People will love you if you can play it :D