Hypercaffeinated Rush

Uploaded on Oct 19, 2011

Please drink 8 cups of coffee before playing this piece. Decaff is not permitted.
This is not a subtle piece. It is totally anti-Romantic as it is not overly expressive or sentimental in any way. There is NO pedal or rubato. There is really only ONE hidden tempo changes in the musescore file. So, in some sense this was an easy score to put together.
Usually I complain about musescore playback - but with this piece I have no complaints. This is probably a first for me.
Most of this piece was improvised very quickly a few years back (measures 1 to around 77 and the ending 154 onward.). The other sections (development?) were just conceived in October of 2011. There were MANY false starts with that.
I hope that you enjoy this piece. If not, and you drank too much coffee, I hope the bathroom is close by!

m78 2011Oct23 - changes for playability (measure 8, 28, LH 58 to 65, 130 typo, 165
m75 2011Oct19

chromatic novelty hyper frenzy piand solo coffee

Pages 5
Duration 03
Measures 167
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives
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I've made a sound file (still electronic) for further enjoyment of this lively piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRRyXclsrJY
Not so sure about a "hyper-caffeinated rush" - it seemed like a fairly reasonable piece to me.
(Except for the 2nd last bar.)
Sounds good though.
It's not so difficult to play. Lots of the patterns are easy to play (the middle part is tricky). It was largely conceived on the piano (as most of my things are).

The original title that I had was "Frenzy", but a musescore friend also had a piece called "Frenzy". I didn't want to use the same name for a piece that a friend used. I think it was as much work coming up with the title as writing the piece !
I can't decide which I love more: the description or the music XD
Hilarious! That's a compliment! I hope you get to play or to hear others play your pieces in public, they really are excellent. If you had a well-recorded disc, I would be more than happy to play from it on my radio programme (Saturday breakfast, Melbourne, Australia).
Unfortunately, presently I have no recordings of my playing (which could be a good thing!).

If I ever record them I'll post links on this website.

Thanks again!

Rimsky's "Bumblebee" on steroids.
Maybe a tenuto or rubato marking for suspenseful fall?
Good idea. I really need to go and edit/correct my older pieces. However, I'm always worried that I'm going to goof them up!

Thanks for the comment!
Haha I love this one its really funny!
Thanks for the kind comment! This was one of the first pieces where I really worked through interesting modulations (in the middle).
Amazing piece! I love that the tempo is Tempo di Expresso :)
It's true! Drink lots of coffee and your hands will go crazy on the piano!
Thanks for the nice comment!!!
Thanks! I'm glad that you like this!
I stopped it here to give a contrast to the craziness of the rest of the piece. Also the piece starts with a held note. (Also the pianist can take a breath here!)
!hat piece more interesting, and the title is great too. It would be a great study also. I really liked how vary. It is excellent!
Thanks. It is good for practicing chromatic scales. The title has multiple possible meanings. "Hyper" can mean very fast or very nervous. "Rush" can mean to go very fast or a increase in energy due to taking some type of drug. So the title could mean many different things. ( Thinking up the title was more work than writing the piece!)
Thank you for your kind comments! Have a nice day!
Amazing and doable (by someone other than me, though) ha ha!. Brilliant, vibrant, and I love the "Tempo di Expresso"!!! It is one of my favorites! WOW!!
Thanks so much for the positive comment.. The middle part is tricky to play and I'd have to practice it. But the first few pages aren't really that difficult. Many of the patterns are easy to do on a piano. So it sounds more difficult that it really is.
Thanks again!
I'm with Pamela Legler, on this one. Way beyond anything I've seen on Muse Score. If you have spare money (by spare I mean 300 $ +, Look into Sibelius 6-7. Never have a problem.)
Thanks - but there's lots of good stuff on musescore.com. If you need some ideas, look at some of my "favorites".

Regarding musescore (the program) I like using an open source product. So, it's really a philosophy issue more than a technical issue.
Meanwhile, have a good day.
OK...I think I need to take my Ritalin now....LOLOL. Nice technicality...waaaaaaay far beyond what I'd ever be able to dream up or play. You are very brave.
Thanks for your kind comments. The patterns to play aren't as difficult as it seems. The middle part is a little tricky, but the main theme is just patterns.

Regarding "bravery": "Extreme bravery and extreme stupidity can be indistinguishable at times".
I feel like I'm trippin'. Great work.
Thanks - maybe you drank too much coffee? (Thanks for the positive comment!!!)
Thanks. It really is a little crazy. I think I'll need to write a few sedate pieces to counterbalance it - sort of like Yin and Yang.
Thanks for the comment!!!
I guess it is relaxing - NOT!!!
Thanks for the comment!!!
Thanks. It really is fun to do (plus the glissando is easy).
WoW! This is actually the first musescorepiece i`ve listened all the way trough. Wow, this is cool!!;)
Listen to my two pieces; its really not as good as yours, but I need critical comments! :)
Wow!! I'm smiling to my screen. You should perform this in a concert hall!
That would be scary. I could imagine all the rotten tomatoes flying at me when I make a mistake!!!!

Realistically, musescore.com is a great thing! If it wasn't for musescore.com, all I'd be doing with this piece is aggravating my neighbors!!! Pretty funny isn't it?
So nice I found this piece again. I knew I had seen an impressive piece of yours before! Kind regards, Nicoline
Thanks so much. When I re-listen to this I think "Wow. I must have been a little wacked to write this!" It's pretty funny. I have another piece in this style in the works, but need to work get some others done first. Take care and thanks for the comment!
OMG...you're the one who wrote this? I downloaded this straight out of the MS program a week or two ago because it was INSANE :D

Of course, it'll take me about 20 years to actually be able to PLAY it...or maybe i can cut that down to 10 years if i forgo the ADD meds?? :P

Great work!
Uh oh... "the one"... That sounds funny!! (Sorry, I had to make a joke).

It really is not as insane as it sounds. Some of the middle parts are tricky, but the main theme actually is easy to play.
It wouldn't take 20 years or even 10. Probably a few weeks as there's lots of repetition. With a piece like this if you see how it's structured it's easier to play. For me, I just think "Ok, now the theme jumps to E minor" or " the main theme and secondary theme play together in a phoney counterpoint". Also, one can take liberty with this piece. If you drop or add a few notes it's no big deal. It's not like it's Beethoven or Bach !!!

Thanks again for your comment!
Ok, i'll clarify: "The One who wrote this" = prior to really digging around through the MuseScore Connect and realizing there was this whole community out there, i would sometimes have a quick listen to those scores written by random MS users that would appear (seemingly out of nowhere) in my sidebar just to get a general idea of how/what people were writing these days. Out of 50 or so odd scores i'd listened to in the few weeks of using MuseScore, I definitely remembered this one--even showed it to my son and one of my friends ("Hey check out what this guy wrote...it's unbelievable"). So that was a compliment...though i'm sure it sounded strange, lol. :) And i know you realized this--and I got the joke, though i could not resist inflicting a bit more public embarrassment in good fun. :)

And, I think i'll take you up on the challenge: I am printing this baby out then and pinning it to my bulletin board right above my Radio Shack midi-keyboard (of which i have just recently cleaned all the note names written in Sharpie on the keys--for real)...as a "Goal" for my playing--to eventually master this BARRY piece, as well as one day mastering a BEETHOVEN and BACH piece...:P
Thanks. After I write something out I sort-of forget about it. I think that I was nuts when putting this together!!!