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Uploaded on Jun 29, 2018

This is for fun. After much writer's bloc(k) and over-ambitious projects, I decided to write a piece in the way I used to 7 years ago, when I first discovered MuseScore—just putting down whatever might be in my head without judgement, planning or concern for playability, and refining the raw material as necessary only after a whole piece had been written.

The result was a mixture of rock and classical styles that draws inspiration from symphonic metal. I wrote the chorus and intro to the piece a year ago, after discovering Alcest (listen if you haven't) and other metal-related groups; an exploration still very much in progress.

But the piece really took shape more recently, 9500 ft up in the Rockies where I'm currently spending my summer. The cover picture is one I took of Gothic Mountain, a laccolith (or massive sheet of cooled magma) that juts above Colorado's alpine meadows and aspen groves. Gothic gets its name from the cathedral-esque arches of stone along its Eastern face, which I attempted to reflect in the harsh yet interwoven lines of this piece. The best way I can sum up the desolate majesty of the Rockies' upper heights is by describing them as natural citadels, shaped not by art or science but by Earth's inner fire, and by blind water and wind and the slow yet relentless passage of time.

Writing in this style makes me acutely aware of the limitations of default soundfonts, but I currently lack the motivation to learn how to rebalance my scores with better sounds—if I ever get around to it I may update this post. For now, please pardon the sound quality, use headphones if you can, (turn up the volume,) and try to focus on the composition itself.

Pages 19
Duration 03:14
Measures 67
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 7
Part names Guitar(4), Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial, share alike
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