The Grand Terran Suite

Uploaded on Aug 25, 2014

(Update: Won the contest again and am signing my resignation from Music Battle xP)
After working obsessively for the past few days, my next big original piece is here. Please listen with good speakers or headphones—the volume should be turned way up. The Grand Terran Suite is my entry for Music Battle #12, team peaceful. Each section represents a different type of animal. The picture of the dragonfly for the insect section is a favorite shot that I did of a blue dasher in the Japanese Garden at the Seattle Arboretum. Enjoy, comment and Fav! :) If you have time to listen to a bunch more great pieces, please vote in the contest! Music Battle always needs more voters:


-In the "Requiem" section, the "Electronic Beep" is the movie/hospital noise for a heartbeat, which eventually flat-lines. In the next section, "Rebirth," the heartbeat returns and the song comes back to life.
-Yes, I understand that I'm supposed to turn the stems and stuff invisible on rolls. Who has time for that?
-Ok, I know the amphibians sections sounds nothing like amphibians. But have you ever heard a piece of music before and immediately thought "that sounds just like amphibians!" I'm sorry, I love amphibians too, but there is just no good way to represent them musically.

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Pages 43
Duration 08:01
Measures 325
Key signature 5 sharps
Parts 11
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