Doris' Waltz

Uploaded on Mar 28, 2017

This jazz walts is based on a dorian scale, which in Swedish is called "dorisk skala" – hence the name "Doris' Waltz".

jazz waltz piano trio

Pages 6
Duration 02:56
Measures 87
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 3
Part names Piano, Bass, Percussion
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License Attribution, share alike
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3/4 is so excellent for jazz. This is really great and reminds me of music that was used on BBC programmes in the late 50s/early 60s. Some superb chord changes.
Those were the days when jazz was popular music. :-)
nice. Like the C section but last chord is kind of a let down as voiced and B is #13 not 11.
But try adding Eb(9th). Just a suggestion
It's interesting that you immediately spot the weak section. I have never really been satisfied with the Db9#11 (yes, Eb is 9th and should be voiced in left hand and #11 is G which is the melody and perhaps should not be noted as part of the chord) since it breaks the chromatic progression and, well, the Db9 never kind of sounded the way I wanted it to. But I never found an alternative chord that lead to the Cm. However, adding the 9th might help a little.
My mistake B is 7th. might try counter, as G goes to F bottom F goes to G or Ab
Sounds good but the drums are way too loud so bring it down a dynamic or two.
That happened when i uploaded the score. At first, I thought it was kind of cool. :-) But of course, you're right. I have balanced the mix now.