I Thought I Could Dance

Uploaded on Jul 31, 2017

UPDATE 24 Sepmteber 2017: Slower (playable) tempo. Some minor revisions.

Based on two rhythmic patterns, 3+3+2/16 (arabic "malfouf" rythm, annotaded as 2/4) and 3+3/16 (annotaded as 6/8). I use this to play tricks with the listener, upsetting the obvious 2/4 beat that the composition begins with. In measure 16, the last 2/16 is left out in two patterns yielding a 6/8. In the B section, the last 2/16 is removed every second time yielding a 3+3+2+3+3/16 pattern (7/8), which then becomes accellerated by removing the second 2/16 as well (6/8), rounding up with an incomplete 3+3+2+3 (11/16). Then I return to the A section, modulate to F minor and upset the A theme with 7/8. Then a longer section where I alternate 6/8 and 2/4, letting the listener speed up and slow down with the pulse of the music. And then, back to the B-section again.

It's a little challenge to play, but I actually like this one.

odd time signatures 2/4 6/8 7/8 9/8 11/16 piano trio

Pages 10
Duration 04:13
Measures 93
Key signature natural
Parts 3
Part names Piano, Bass, Percussion
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, share alike
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I love this song!!!!! the rythm is so good! This is a mix of jazz and varieties
I am completely in love with this. I have a band and am wondering if you would be interested in possibly writing something super cool for us (amplified flute, electric guitar, piano and drums). Here's a cover we did of Apocalyptica's drive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9o_OjvUq80
If you are interested please shoot me an email mixedpsychosis@yahoo.com Thank you very much for your talent and time! Catherine
This is perhaps the most generous recognition of my musical skills that I have ever received. Thank you so much! I have sent you an email.
It has developed quite a bit since I first uploaded it though. :-)