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Uploaded on Sep 18, 2016

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probably a record for time i spent on a theishter arrangement.First Same Day Release
Synthesia Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcBz0iP-Dqg

TheIshter Your lie in April Again Anime OST Piano Sheet Music Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Pages 6
Duration 02:46
Measures 60
Key signature 6 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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i listened to this and was hit by a tsunami of nostalgia
thanks for sharing this is my favourite song
i was finally able to master this, i love it so much, i thought it was soooo hard at first, it was, but it was a little easier than i expected XD, knowing the key signature helped a lot
Is the player using the damper pedal for every measure in the vedio? Or is he/she is even using it?
The tears don't even come anymore. All I feel is a heartache and a painful memory...
Fr my friend is playing this at a recital and im hoping I don't start crying.
oh.. that's nice, i want to hear a recital that has some good anime songs -_- im jealous XD
I got goosebumps after listening to this arrangement. Is that a good thing?
When I listen to this: It should be pretty easy
When I try to learn it: ;-;
Thank you so much this great! This is my favorite Anime, and just to see and hear this come to life for free is great. Thank you!
i wish i was this good at paino ;-; i really want to play this. what grade level is this?
This is one of my favorite songs I have ever played. It took me a long time to play but I did it at last. I am only a middle school student who likes piano and I am only in level three. The world is a beautiful place and only the people who can create the music can understand the hardship of it.
how long did it take you exactly, i used to play piano i was grade 3 as well but i quit for a while and this anime has brought me back to playing, so if you could specify the time it took you to play this piece it would be appreciated. Thx and (SPOILERS)

Rest In Peace Kaori, you were the perfect human being and i think that you deserve to be in heaven way more than any of us do
Can Someone make a Clarinet Verison plz? This is my favorative Song.
I fail so hard at playing it.
How do you play the left hand chord at measures 14 and 18? I can't reach all the way down to the e flat.
You could also play that E-flat an octave higher as well, it doesn't too different...
Play the f with the right hand...that works for me...
Bar 18 play it as an arpeggio of two notes...
How do you play the chord for left hand in measure 5?
You can roll it as suggested, or use your right thumb for the D-flat (it's only a 5th below the RH A-flat on the first beat!)
the squiggly line makes it playable, its basically played broken 1 note by 1 note from the bottom but really quick. i would use finger 5,1 then 3
Or 5-2-1, which for me is much easier, you dont really have to “aim” for the d flat. Just play the b flat, then kind of rotate your wrist around to get to the other two notes. Same for most of the big rolls in this amazing song.
your lie in april made me want to learn piano, "oh this looks easy enough for a beginner, i can already read music" *measure 27 happens* WHAT THE WHA-
You realize.... after 4 years..... i can't play this?
If you are having issues with this piece Play the left hand pattern over and over again to put it into muscle memory. (More or less Til you can play it faster than the song with your eyes closed) before starting on the melody. Start slow and gradually llay faster. The left hand pattern is for the most part the same throughout the whole song with some variations.
I'm not having issues it's just too amazing for me to play it. :3
I don't even know if any of you will see this comment and revisit this page, but for those who think this piece is difficult I want to disagree. After you remember the flats of the key signature, the melody is a bit repetitive and some notes are just octaves to make them sound nice. If you really try and slow down the melody and then practice, I think with enough time and effort anyone can get it.
Thanks for reading! :)
thx lol, your comment gave me some more energy XD
lol me too!! it looks easy but its not
Wonder how many hours it will take to master this... how many hours it will take to play this beautifully. Qwq
hey look a nice and easy version of again...
bar 27, flips table and punches nearest person
Your Lie in April helped me pick up piano again :)