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Uploaded on Feb 27, 2017

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TheIshter Tokyo Ghoul Unravel Acoustic Piano

Pages 6
Duration 04:10
Measures 122
Key signature 3 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Also I am a 12 years old kid I don't have adult sized hands, how do you do this?????
I am also twelve, and I can play this. All you need is to put in time and effort.
this is so amazing holy shit you're very talented
good song to play after tokyo ghoul have finally ended
i cant seem to understand the ending??? Is it just that Musescore's red highlight is broken, or i'm not reading it right?
This is absolutely beautiful!!!
is there a way to get this with all notes written out? :(
You guys are perfect thank you for this
I'm really feeling that measure 125 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Also I really like this arrangement, reminds me of the end of Root A
What grade would you say this is ?
Omg. Me too. I caught myself singing and crying
I love this. This is amazing. Great job
little did he know it was a disapointment
Is the audio a feature of pro musescore?
Quick question, How do you do the bottom staff note go to top and be connected like that?
Its an option under the notation tab and youre able to connect the notes if the bas clef note is high enough to reach the treble staff :/
Who else feels like in the last two notes of measure 82, they're different instead of same notes. Probably a type. But, if anyone knows, I am working on this piece and could anyone tell me the second to last note of measure 82? I want my song to match this as best as it could since I'm performing it for an anime convention... Wish me luck!
Yes from the 2 quarter notes in m82 to the augmented half note of m89 play one octave higher than what is written.
that note is where the 8va starts. basically play an octave higher until the first note in measure 89.
Isn't that when it says to play an octave above?
Hello, I would need help. My hand is to small to play the arrangement, or am i playing it wrong? Like doing re and fa is to hard for me, i can't reach it
You could use the sustain pedal if your fingers can’t reach it. Or you could change it up. Both works
r u using thumb and pinky? coz if so, wow youre hands are SMALL
Ishmael does not have the biggest hands but he is a Very talented pianist
This is great, I'm gonna start learning this now! I love it, i really do.