"Shelter" - Porter Robinsons + Madeon | Cover | TheIshter Sheet Music | Re-Done

Uploaded on Oct 24, 2016

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Sheet Music for TheIshter's Cover of Shelter
Please go check out Ishter's Performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNze7yakEfE

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Shelter Piano Cover Sheet Music TheIshter Anime A-1 Pictures Difficult

Pages 11
Duration 05:03
Measures 114
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I looked at this, knowing for the majority of my lifetime I never could read music. I'm self taught too. I looked at my other pieces. Then this one. With no sense of difficulty, I decided "Hey, why not play this," and started. I've got 7 hours a day on holidays to do this. This is like all the other ones I decided to learn. My friends said it was very difficult. This piece was not too hard. But then again, I find EVERY piece not too hard. Even for beginners. The longer the piece, the harder it is. And thank goodness it's not 200, with hemidemisemis.
welp this song is amazing but in order for me to play it im gonna need to have atleast 50 fingers on each hand!!
Wowowowowowowowo I love dissssssss! Van tho I can’t play it all sigh..... still love it!
so I'm wondering, the grand piano looks huge, is it just me or does the piano have extra octaves? Cuz, I have a electric piano and it doesn't look at big as the one in the video.
I have an 88 key piano so I can play dissssss b it’s really good!
Im suing you for finger damage Love this song tho
What level is this in? I’m guessing level 9 to 10 just by listening to it, and now looking at the sheet music.
the sheet music itself is around 3-6, but the actual performance may be like around 6-7. The sheet music is a minorly simplified version of the original, the original is a different score.
Could you give some examples of what's been simplified?
Oh yeah definitely. It’s so super easy. 😅
What grade would this piece be?
RCM level 9 with the rolls, and RCM 8 if you alter all the bigger rolls to an octave
This is great! My problem is that I need to slow it down a lot when playing it in some parts cause my hands are a little too small :/. I also have to modify the end because I can’t play it haha
Can i download it and change the instrument (mention you in the descrption)?
Can i do it with 54 key piano?
I love this song, currently learning it and I'm kinda scared of the ending. It looks so hard O.O. But it will definitley be worth it in the end! Thank you so much for this piece, it's so incredibley beautiful!
Do you happen to know what level this song is? If you do, please tell me. I really wanna know to see if I can play it. 😁
I tried to ply dis and i was like MY HANDS TOO SMOL
T.T hand's too smol... only stretch 9 T.T
I cannnnn almost just kinda do 10 my pinky slips a tinsy winsy bittttttt
im not sure of the notes in the cord is there any advice to help me find this out
Any tips for the chords that span more than an octave?
Try to make the same as the youtube video pianist of this score
At the very start, I just have it ready because hand is big enough, but yeah. You can roll it without hold the ones before as long as you have the pedal in.
This is the best! i'm really sure about that <3
It says the video is unavailable, which means I can't listen to the song. Maybe you could look into that? The song looks exciting! :)
yes, I did, just play the top part and avoid any chords, you'll be fine. I find that if there are any chords like in measure 2, just play the top note.
Its Great! I used it to make a Trumpet quartet version, with reference to you of course! its up on Musescore now