"Shelter" - Porter Robinsons + Madeon | Cover | TheIshter Sheet Music | Re-Done

Uploaded on Oct 25, 2016

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Sheet Music for TheIshter's Cover of Shelter
Please go check out Ishter's Performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNze7yakEfE

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Shelter Piano Cover Sheet Music TheIshter Anime A-1 Pictures Difficult

Pages 11
Duration 5:03
Measures 114
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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This is great! My problem is that I need to slow it down a lot when playing it in some parts cause my hands are a little too small :/. I also have to modify the end because I can’t play it haha

Can i download it and change the instrument (mention you in the descrption)?

I love this song, currently learning it and I'm kinda scared of the ending. It looks so hard O.O. But it will definitley be worth it in the end! Thank you so much for this piece, it's so incredibley beautiful!

It says the video is unavailable, which means I can't listen to the song. Maybe you could look into that? The song looks exciting! :)

Its Great! I used it to make a Trumpet quartet version, with reference to you of course! its up on Musescore now

Im trying to put the midi file to my midi piano, but it won't register. Please help.

im no expert and i havent compared this to the synthesia but some of the chords really sound wrong

if the MIDI sounds odd change the it to piano because its was not on piano i was on a guitar

This is an absolutely beautifully made transcription of a marvelous cover ... once again, you impress me beyond expression.

Fantastic work. I'll be learning this now. :)

Love the rhythms and chords! Absolutely lovely! :D Easily earned a fav... :) Is this a real performance?! If so, the performer is fantastic! I could only dream of playing that well... :'(


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yeah, dont care so much it was a little joke hehe, I thought that I would only see you in things like classical music or things like hehehe or similar as orchestral as I had seen before hehe I have not seen all your activity at all hehe: P

Sounds amazing! I was searching online for Kyle Landry's arrangement of this piece, but stumbled upon this one. I wish I was better at transcribing :( Could you perhaps help me with it? Not too sure where to start with all the chords and such