J.S. Bach: Glück und Segen (BWV 184 #4)

4 parts10 pages04:583 years ago624 views
Violin, Voice, Cello, Contrabass
The rarely-heard tenor aria from the Whit-Tuesday cantata, "Erwünschtes Freudenlicht", BWV 184.

"Luck and blessing are ready to crown the consecrated (heavenly) host. Jesus brings the golden times, which belong to him."

You're not likely to meet this wonderful
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J.S. Bach: Gute Nacht, o Wesen (BWV 227, #9)

4 parts8 pages03:543 years ago1,945 views
The aetherial -senza-basso- "chorale prelude" chorus from the motet, "Jesu, meine Freude".

The great motet, "Jesu, meine Freude", BWV 227, the most elaborate and lengthy of the six works (BWV 225-230) historically subsumed under that rubric (although BWV 118 and others
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J.S. Bach: Chorale: Es woll uns Gott genädig sein (BWV 76, #7)

11 parts10 pages02:413 years ago616 views
Trumpet, Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Voice(4), Contrabass
A gnarly Phrygian chorale set with exotic orchestral accompaniment; a study in both.

This chorale ends both halves of the wonderful early Leipzig cantata, BWV 76, "Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes". The text (here and translated by Pam Dellal: http://www.emmanuelmusic.org/notes_translations/translations_cantata/t_bwv076.htm)
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Coro: Wer durch Liebe das Kreuz Christi (di BSG, 1989, 2001)

13 parts29 pages04:593 years ago1,287 views
Oboe(2), Strings(4), Contrabass, Voice(4), Other Woodwinds, Organ
An original accompanied motet/chorus, now orchestrated, on an original libretto. Performed in service at Boston's Emmanuel Church by Emmanuel Music under Craig Smith 1 May 1994. I and most others consider this my masterpiece to date.

I wrote this chorus while improvising at the organ in
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J.S. Bach: Von Gott kommt mir ein Freudenschein (BWV 172, #6)

6 parts2 pages01:243 years ago418 views
Violin, Voice(4), Contrabass
The closing chorale of the cantata BWV 172, a verse of "Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern", posted as a tutorial of Bach's techniques for adding, so to speak, a "dispensable obbligato", of "medium interest."

Nicolai's sweet, beloved 1597 Christmas tune
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J. S. Bach: Chorus: "Es ist nichts Gesundes an meinem Leibe", BWV 25 #1

13 parts18 pages053 years ago285 views
Trumpet, Trombone(3), Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Voice(4), Contrabass
The phenomenally complex, thick, and dark opening chorus of the cantata "Es ist nicht Gesundes an meinem Leibe", with the chorale "Herzlich thut mich Verlangen" in a four-part brass choir sounding against an immensely gnarly contrapuntal chorus.

I created this version for contrast
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Aprilis, per canonem ad quintam infra (di BSG, 2015)

6 parts7 pages02:203 years ago229 views
Flute, Voice(2), Cello, Other Woodwinds, Contrabass
An accompanied chorale canon with 2 obbligati on a chorale by a friend of mine on 2 verses of an American poem I can't reproduce here because of copyright.

My friend wrote a chorale-like song on a favorite poem of hers, although it includes some melodic features atypical of Baroque chorales.
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J. S. Bach: Wir setzen uns mit Thränen nieder (closing chorus Matthäuspassion BWV 244)

12 parts18 pages06:543 years ago1,837 views
Flute, Oboe, Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Strings, Voice(4), Organ
The monumental closing chorus of Bach's Passion according to St. Matthew, a grave-lullaby for the Saviour.

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J. S. Bach: Duetto: Sie werden euch in den Bann tun (BWV 44, #1)

7 parts9 pages03:083 years ago486 views
Oboe(2), Voice(2), Other Woodwinds, Bassoon, Contrabass
“They’ll banish you, and who kills you will think he’s doing God a favor.” A brilliant fusillade of canon and double counterpoint setting this grim thought.

John 16:2, whence cometh this text, expresses the thought that Christians will be persecuted for their faith. “Bann” means a writ of b
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J. S. Bach: Von den Stricken meiner Sünden (from Johannespassion, BWV 245, #11)

6 parts17 pages05:433 years ago2,201 views
Oboe(2), Voice, Other Woodwinds, Cello, Contrabass
The gnarly first alto aria from the -Johannespassion-, in which twin oboes in grating canon at the second illustrate tangles of sin.

Frequently omitted by putative abridgers of Bach's magnificent Passion According to St. John (1724), this lengthy (6 min at my tempo) peroration, positioned
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J. S. Bach: Ich elender Mensch (BWV 48, #1)

12 parts24 pages05:133 years ago1,177 views
Trumpet, Oboe, Violin(2), Viola, Voice(4), Other Woodwinds, Strings, Contrabass
"I, wretched man, who shall redeem me from this deathly body?" A dark but brilliant showcase of double counterpoint and canon.

This intricate accompanied choral movement, notably wholly in the minor mode, the opening chorus of the eponymous cantata BWV 48, is based on four distinct
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