Mozart: Larghetto, from Clarinet Quintet in A (“Stadler”) K 581

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Clarinet, Violin(2), Viola, Cello
The exquisite Larghetto from Mozart's famed clarinet quintet, dedicated to clarinettist Anton Stadler. A beloved Mozart gem, it is suffused with ineffable, ineluctable, irresistible grace and pathos.

In this small Sonata-Allegro form, the string parts more or less play continuo (a good model for this kind of writing) behind clarinet solo, duets (clarinet and bass) and trios (clarinet, vn1, bass (see the occasional cl/string doublings in the opening measures). There are short senza basso trios of vn1, vn2, vla. My favorite part is the (twice-told) very Bach-like suspension chain against the 32d-note runs (in vn1 and clarinet, second time inverted).

I have taken great care to implement Mozart's phrasings with hidden portati. I was forced to write out some of the turn ornaments in smal notes. Although MuseScore can't perform the (few) hairpin dynamics properly, I nonetheless retained them for score value. One can learn a great deal about phrasing (vis-à-vis other repertoire) by studying Mozart's slur-marks.

If you can read soprano clef, imagine the same on the A-Clarinet part and you will see the "concert pitch" notes (or download it and click "concert pitch").

I met K. 581 on a commercial casette tape used as a demo left in a wonderful casette player/recorder I purchased maybe 40 years ago at the long-gone Waltham (MA) Camera and Stereo.

This is "as good as it gets."

Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan, stark verzierte Fassung (di BSG 2018) (Hauptwerk: Doesburg)

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Violin, Clarinet, Other Woodwinds, Contrabass
"Highly ornamented" version of little prelude from Libro I of Il Contrappunto Barroco di BSG. The left hand and pedal are not changed, but the execution is slower, and many ornaments added to the RH. The showing upper staff is silent; the execution is on a second hidden-staff, all written out, including RH phrasing.

The performance is on the Manual I Trompete at the Hauptwerk/Sonus Paradisi imaging of the Walcker organ at Doesburg, Holland.