Cuphead "Friendly" Boss Medley

Uploaded on Oct 25, 2017

Botanic Panic
Ruse of an Ooze
Threatenin' Zeppelin
Floral Fury
Clip Joint Calamity
(Admission to Perdition)
Carnival Kerfuffle
Pyramid Peril
Sugarland Shimmy
Aviary Action
Fiery Frolic
Honeycomb Herald
Dramatic Fanatic
Junkyard Jive
Murine Corps
Nautical Mash-up:
Shootin N' Lootin + High Sea Hi-Jinx
Railroad Wrath

I am happy to tell you, this Medley is no longer "WIP", I will still do some small tweaks but all major parts are finished, and my final dicession on King Dice and the Devil's theme, I won't do it, I just don't find how long they needed to play until they can loop intreseting, a lot of world 3 bosses are like this already and adding four more long loop will probably double the length, especially Devil's phase 1 theme is basically a short medley all over again, think this medley as an all "Friendly" boss medley and take it with a grain of salt.

Botanic Panic:
Loaflink -
Ruse of an Ooze:
Piano: Me
Trumpet: TheRealDjimbo -
Threatenin' Zeppelin
2 Pts -
Floral Fury:
Ichobbs3 -
Austin Broadway -
Coxev_ -
Clip Joint Calamity:
TheRealDjimbo -
Adminssion to Perdition:
Jband -
Carnival Kerfuffle:
ParkerWong -
Pyramid Peril:
TheRealDjimbo -
Thanks to AntJam for the correction
Sugarland Shimmy:
Lil_A_20 -
Aviary Action:
Sphallolalia -
Tuba, Piano, Guitar - TheRealDjimbo -
Fiery Frolic:
Jband -
Honeycomb Herald:
TheRealDjimbo -
Dramatic Fanatic:
Guitar: Personally... -
Saxes: 2 Pts -
Trumpets: PumpkinPie27 -
Piano: Fresh Bread -
Bass: Mr_MusicGuy -
Percussion: TheRealDjimbo -
Junkyard Jive:
TheRealDjimbo -
Murine Corps:
TheRealDjimbo -
Shootin n' Lootin:
First part: PumpkinPie27 -\
Second part: Me
Revised by:
Merkadile -
TheRealDjimbo -
High Sea Hi-Jinx:
Vigilante Brass -
krazyie -
Slight correction: Me
Railroad Wrath:
Lil_A_20 -
Drumset inspired by ExplodingPigeon Live -
Fanart by SuperSpoe -
(Warning: Artist's content contain fetishes, might causes uncomfort)

Needs improvements:


Pages 156
Duration 08:09
Measures 384
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 17
Part names Clarinet, Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trombone, Tuba, Guitar(2), Bass, Percussion(5), Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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