Étude Caractéristique Opus 2 No. 2 in D♭ Major

Uploaded on Sep 10, 2018

Étude Caractéristique Opus 2 No. 2 in D♭ Major (called “Pensez un peu à moi, qui pense toujours à vous!”) is the second Étude from the set “Douze Études Caractéristiques de Concert pour le Piano” by Adolf von Henselt. It was published in 1838, and was dedicated to King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

For this composition, the publisher G. Schirmer has also written that:
“In order to hold the eighth and quarter notes without straining the hand or wrist, swing these easily back and forth. Very small hands need only mark well the eighth and quarter notes; striving, however, to connect the notes of the melody in as legato a manner as possible. Let the right thumb always play softly.”

piano henselt op. op opus 2 no no. dess des d-flat d flat major minor dur moll étude etude etyde caractéristique douze études caractéristiques de concert pour le piano pensez un peu à moi qui pense toujours vous allegro moderato grazioso e marcata la melodia

Pages 7
Duration 02:55
Measures 64
Key signature 5 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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