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J&J's Challenges: Going Forward

Hello, all! 
I've recently been communicating with @Jaybird1 about the plans for this group. It's been great that so many people have stepped up and offered to help! So here's the game plan:
We have several roles available, because one person can't do it all. 
A. a day-to-day moderator 
B. a challenge creator
C. a judge
We want multiple people filling these roles: two to three moderators, one or two challenge creators, and six or seven judges. Please comment below if you want more info for a position. Note that even though we want many judges, applicants for a judge spot will be held to a high standard regarding qualifications. I will give more details to interested parties, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Jay is leaving for a choir tour shortly, so I'd like to have things well on hand with his return, maybe even be in a position to run a July challenge! Thanks!

What do you look like right now????

you don't have to put a pic and you don't have to say anything at all if you don't want to, but how would you describe the way you look and your clothing at the moment?

I have long brown hair that is kinda messy 'cause I forgot to brush it this morning.
My eyes are also brown, but more hazel-y. I'm not wearing any makeup since I'm at home so my face looks like a zombie's. =P
I'm pretty tall, 5'5. 
Right now I am wearing bootcut jeans with weird rhinestone thingy's on the pockets, and a turquoise shirt with sleeves that go to my elbows that says 'Beach Patrol, Manhattan Beach California' on it, with a medical cross in the center... (no i don't live in CA).
I'm not wearing shoes, but by some miracle I'm wearing matching socks, that are grey and blue...
well that sums me up at the moment.

Hey guys, I’m super sorry!

I’ve been extremely busy lately, and some of you know that I took a break from MuseScore.
Not quite sure what to do with this challenge, or this group in general to be honest. I might be selecting certain judges every month. I’m open to any suggestions that you have though.

I’ve bee crazy busy because, as you get older, life gets more hectic. What should we do?

Introduce Yourself! :)

Does anyone else just want to have one master discussion for introductions? No? Just me? Welp.

I think, so that we keep things organized, we should have a central discussion for introductions! That way we can have everyone's pronouns and other important info all in one location for easy reference later on. :) So if anyone has yet to introduce themselves in the group, or if you would like to reintroduce yourself, do it here! I'll start in the comments below. :D

Soooo, as our lovely group admins have said, PLEASE make sure to include your pronouns, so that we don't misgender you! ^^ You're also welcome to share your sexual/romantic orientation, gender, and other more specific labels if you feel comfortable doing so, but don't feel pressured into doing so if you do not wish to. I would also love to hear about how you came across music/MuseScore/this group, if you want to share anything more about yourself, and feel free to share a random fact about yourself or anything, really! xD