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My Combat Strategy

Hinox: I shoot a bomb arrow at a sleeping Hinox first, when it wakes up, I shoot the eye with any arrow, then while it's stunned, I use Urbosa's Fury to finish it. Usually this strategy works with every type of Hinox.

Lynel: With a Lynel, I always start off getting close to one, it does no good to be far away and it shooting at you (because of their uncanny aiming abilities). When I'm close enough, I do  perfect dodges to attack him, then I use Urbosa's Fury to stun him. Once stunned, I ride it and slash at it's back until it throws me off. But! When it throws me off I do a slow mode bow and arrow shot on the back of its head to get some last minute headshots in.

Molduda: Bomb and bomb arrows, when stunned on the desert ground, Urbosa's Fury.

Stalker Guardian: With a Stalker, I have several different strategies: 1st. I use Master Cycle Zero to slow mode shoot Walkers in the eye with guardian arrow. 2nd. Break off all legs of Stalker (just for the fun of it. . . and for extra parts), and Urbosa's Fury. 3rd. Stand perfectly still so that the Stalker stops moving to try to shoot you, then shoot him perfectly in the eye with a Guardian Arrow (although this can be super dangerous as you need to be quick, or else the Guardian will finish you off instead). And lastly, perfect parry with a guardian shield, or any other high damage shield.

Challenge, anyone?

So... I have this weird song stuck in my head that I want to find into some sheet music...
I asked @CrazyClique, and he said this:

 Oml I don’t even know how I’m gonna do that! xD

Soo... anyone wanna give it a shot? :D

Things that I want this song to include:
The whole thing. Including 0:13-End. And the whistling.