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Need help which sheet notes to look for

Hi Guys, I am really a piano beginner and I am looking for sheet notes that will include the piano solo + chords. Problem is I can't find such a thing it's either sheets that have piano with right and left hands or Guitar that include chords only but with the solo. I am interested in both like in the books when you have solo + chords + lyrics. What do I need to look for? is there a name for these sheets? Thanks...  

Feedback on impromptu?

I'm not finished with it but here is what I have so far of my impromptu. I am aiming for a Beethoven vibe here but also an improvisatory sound.  Here is the link if you want to see what I have of it so far: It took a lot of effort to make the accelerando sound smooth. I had the section with the accelerando sound like chaos is ensuing that then resolves when the presto section begins. What do you think of it?