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I will update this weekly

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Group is created today! Woohoo! *confetti and stuff falls from sky*

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Eek! I forgot to do this yesterday. The group is already dying, so uhh… :o
@Jaybird1 is one of the first truly active members, I told him I would give him a shoutout here, so here you go :P

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I haven't updated this in a while, this group is blowing up now...

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Holy cow, this group is blowing up. 8 members in 4 days, wow...

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Hmm...Starting to die again...

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Welp...I was wrong...

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I was very wrong, this group is really blowing up, welp

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Again, welp

Music-Related Travels, Anyone?

Ayyyy for me it be summer now! And this coming Monday I will be heading off to Scotland on tour!! :3 I’m so excite agh y’all have no idea it’s gonna be so much fun :D I can’t wait to sing and share music overseas!

So I was wondering—how far have y’all travelled for music before? Have you ever gone on tour or travelled to perform or see your music performed? Or maybe your school music ensemble went to a competition? Or maybe you went cross-country to see your favorite band? I wanna hear all about it! :)

(and if you’ve not done any music-related traveling before, you can also just say anything random about any cool travel you’ve done before haha)