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Any advice?

in Piano

So I taught myself piano, I know the treble clef notes but not the bass clef, and I can only play with my right hand. In the lines I know it's G B D F A, and on the spaces it's A C E G. But on paper even though I see the bass clef I would always play the notes as treble clef.

Thinking of making a separate account for symphonies

So, I have been planning out my first symphony. I gave it the nickname "The War Symphony". It still isn't flushed out yet but I have decided to have it be a programmatic symphony with this movement structure:

First Movement:

Key: Bb major
Aspect: Battle
Form: Sonata Form

Second Movement:

Key: F minor
Aspect: Death
Form: Not decided on yet but I'm leaning towards ternary form

Third Movement:

Key: Not decided on
Aspect: Battle again
Form: Scherzo and Trio


Key: Bb major
Aspect: Victory
Form: Sonata-Rondo Form

The first movement is what I have flushed out the most out of all the movements so far in my plans so obviously, that will be the part I work on first. But I'm wondering, since I can't really afford a Pro membership(maybe a few years down the line I will be able to afford it but I can't currently), should I make a separate account to put my symphony score on once it is finished? And if so, should that account be just for my symphonies if I happen to want to compose more than 1 symphony?

Help find Kris Bowers's music sheets

in Piano

Hello everyone, I'm new to Musescore and am amazed by this community of artists helping each other ! Thank you for everything you are doing. 
Getting back to piano after a 15 year break ! 
I recently felt in love with this piece by Kris Bowers : What's stopping us, soundtrack to the great "Dear White People" :
Do you know where I could find the sheet to play it ? Or maybe one creative soul of the community could help me translate it ? 
Thank you ! 
Dorine (FR)