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Help find Kris Bowers's music sheets

in Piano

Hello everyone, I'm new to Musescore and am amazed by this community of artists helping each other ! Thank you for everything you are doing. 
Getting back to piano after a 15 year break ! 
I recently felt in love with this piece by Kris Bowers : What's stopping us, soundtrack to the great "Dear White People" :
Do you know where I could find the sheet to play it ? Or maybe one creative soul of the community could help me translate it ? 
Thank you ! 
Dorine (FR)

What if I would post this?

I'm currently working on two transcriptions for one hand (3 actually, but the third is paused currently):

1. Mazeppa (S.137)
2. Grande Valse Brilliante (Op. 34 no. 1)
3. Nocturne Op. Posthum in C-Minor

All these are pieces by famous composers transcribed for one hand...
Could I share those in this group?

Also, could I share my exact copies of the Douze Grandes Ètudes S. 137
(which I'm currently working on)?

Thx in advance,
Robin Pannenberg