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Dieu gi hap dan doi ban tai Keo So ?

in Piano

Dieu gi hap dan doi ban tai Keo So ?
Chac han neu ban la mot nguoi cuc ky me soi keo thi viec tim kiem nhung dia chi soi keo chat luong la dieu ban se lam moi ngay dung khong? Tuy nhien, ban chan ngan vi mot so trang web kem chat luong? Ban da thu soi keo tai Keo So
 bao gio chua?
Hien nay, nha nha, nguoi nguoi deu phai tram tro vi mot dia chi soi keo bong da cuc ky chat luong do chinh la Ban da tung tim duoc mot dia chi chat luong tuyet voi chua? Neu chua thi dap an nam trong bai viet nay day.
Keo So la mot chuyen trang bong da, soi keo bong da co dia chi tim kiem tai , chi can nhap dia chi tren cong cu tim kiem la ban da duoc buoc vao mot the gioi soi keo day chuyen nghiep va hap dan nhat hien nay.
Chac han ban dang rat to mo ve dia chi nay dung khong? Nhu da gioi thieu o tren, ngoai viec duoc biet den la dia chi soi keo bong da chat luong, Keo So con thuong xuyen cap nhat lich thi dau bong da, tin tuc soi keo, keo tran hot, ty le keo, cam nang soi keo,…
Tat ca nhung thong tin ma mang den cho nguoi ham mo deu duoc doi ngu cua Keo So cap nhat lien tuc va qua khau kiem duyet de dam bao nhung tin tuc do  co do chinh xac cao nhat, giup ban soi keo chuan nhat. 
Ngoai ra thi giao dien than thien cung voi cac chu de noi dung duoc sap xep gon gang, dep mat thi cung da giup ban co mot khong gian soi keo chuyen nghiep. Neu giao dien khong co su hai hoa cung se anh huong rat lon den viec soi keo cua ban.
Keo So qua la mot dia chi tuyet voi dung khong ? De dap lai tinh cam ma nguoi ham mo danh cho trong suot thoi gian qua, chung toi luon co gang no luc moi ngay de dem den nhung san pham, dich vu chat luong nhat.
Hay cung hoa nhip vao mot khong gian soi keo bong da chuan nhat hien nay ban nhe. 
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New Front Ensemble Etude!

    A front ensemble lot tune! It has sound effects and panned audio! MANY time signatures (9 to be exact) and it sounds spectacular! You wouldn't wanna click away! Enjoy!
Be sure to like, critique, and follow! Also, check out our penultimate project, Never Forget!

Round 2 Instructions

This is only for people that made it to Round 2. 
@rIcE LiFe
If you did not make it, do not even attempt it

This round, you will not be able to play any song you want. I will assign you a song.
The song is:
It is a very simple and easy song.

Turn it in here:

Due date is:
Tuesday, December 3rd, by 12 AM (Eastern Time)


Resistance Training

in Brass

Hello Fellow Brass Musicians,

I have been playing trumpet for a while now. My range goes all the way to double C and a Double B flat(Meaning a good tone on B Flat). As my range goes up, I noticed that my resistance is not as good (I loose my chops faster, and can only practice my music for an hour before I have to stop) I have tried loosening up and using more air to hit high notes but it still doesn't work. If any of you could help, I would appreciate it so much!