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So I was wondering... with all of our amazing abilities plus our love for Xenoblade, would anyone be open to an event where we all work on a professional-level arrangement of another Xenoblade piece? If you have an idea for a medley or suite, that could work as well.

Comment with a song you have in mind if you are interested. Additionally, if you would like vocals, I know a person who can do male lead. Feel free to mention anyone you may have.

A list of possible songs (not limited to these):
- Desolation (Xenobalde Chronicles 2)
- One Last You (vocal) (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
- Pneuma's Sacrifice (Xenobalde Chronicles 2) (easier)
- The Power of Jin (Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna, The Golden Country)
- A Moment of Eternity (vocal) / Drifting Soul (Xenobalde Chronicles 2: Torna, The Golden Country)
- Prologue A (Xenoblade Chronicles)
- The Battle is Upon Us (easier) (Xenobalde Chronicles)
- Futures That Lie Ahead (XEnoblade Chronicles) (easier)
- Beyond the Sky (Xnoblade Chronicles)
- CODENAMEZ (Xenobalde Chronicles X)
- X-BT3 (So Nah, So Fern Instrumental) (Xenoblde Chronicles X)
- X-BT2 (Wir fliegen Instrumental) (Xenoblade Chronicles X)

As a final note, it would be really awesome if we could perform the finished piece and mix the parts together to create the audio.